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Dragon Born

How much do you know about the bloodline in Dragon Born? Here we collect a guide about bloodline, hope it can do some help for you. Just check below:

Dragon Bloodline

At level 35 the Bloodline opens, here players can use Aura to bring their class to a whole new level. Each point on the bloodline adds different attributes such as Fire Resistance, Physical Attacks, Magical Attacks, Critstrikes, Defense and others. Although these give you big bonuses they also use a lot of Aura so make sure you have enough!

How to Upgrade in the Bloodline

A.At level 35 the Bloodline opens. Open up your character screen and then clock on bloodline at the bottom.

B.Click on the point you want to upgrade, but be sure to read the requirements such as level requirement or previous node requirement.

C.Players can do training to gain more aura. It can also be found from fishing.

Bloodline Benefits

A.It can upgrade your stats including, Critical Strike, Fire Resistance, Damage, Ice Resistance, Light Resistance, Attack, Defense, Block, Glancing, Dodge, and HP.

B.Overall improves your character in not only attacks but resistances and defenses

C.Upgrading the bloodline makes you stronger and makes it more difficult for your opponent to beat you but easier for your to beat them.

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