Dragon Atlas Guide: How to Increase Your Power Quickly?

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How to level up quickly

The Warrior's Dungeons that is one of the main sources of Exp will be available at Lv 25. Dungeon of higher level grants more Exp. Sweeping dungeons will be available at Lv 35. You can get 80% the clearing rewards by sweeping. You are recommended to buy the privileges for Warrior's Dungeons since you will have 4 more attempts to challenge the dungeons.


Another main source of Exp, Main Quest sweeping, will be available at Lv 20. The Exp gained from it will be less than from Warrior's Dungeons.

At the early stage, you can level up quickly by buying dungeon attempts, AP, the Levelup Pack of 7-Day Race and increasing the attempts of sweeping dungeons and main quests.

You are recommended to reach VIP 4 or above since VIP 4 grants 20% more dungeon Exp and the effect when sweeping. You can get more Exp if you challenge the dungeon at the time periods of 120% EXP which includes 9:00-10:00, 13:30-14:30 and 22:30-23:30.

How to increase Combat Power quickly

On the first day, you can increase you Combat Power quickly by VIP Card, Dragon, Mercenaries Recruitment, Gems and Attire.

By buying Season VIP Card, you can not only reach VIP 4 directly but get the Combat Power Buff for 90 days.

Spending 1,000 Diamonds buying Purple Dragon of First Recharge is the only way to get Purple Dragon. Purple Dragon possesses better effect of growth and skills.

You can get Res.Crystal and Puppet Dragon X Type via Advanced Vending Machine. X Type Puppet Dragon can be used to exchange Dragon Core, improve Dragon quality, raise Dragon Star Level, unlock passive skills, increase Growth and Dragon Power effect.

VIP 4 players can use Dragon Core Vending Machine to get Tyrant Dragon Core. (Half of the Dragon Core will be given away in the Server Opening Activity) With Dragon Core, you can unlock Legendary Dragon directly to get better effect of Growth and Dragonaura.

Dragon Evolution will be available after you clear Lv 24 Main Quest. You can also strengthen the Dragon quickly via Evolution Stone.

You can recruit Epic Mercenary on the first day by the diamonds consumption activity and Gold Drinking Contest. In addition, VIP 4 players can get Purple Mercenary for free during the activity.

Mercenary's Potential will be available at Lv 28. You can consume Dragon Blood to strengthen Mercenary quickly.

Daily Gem will be available at Lv 27. You can eliminate bubbles quickly via 1-click Eliminate and Supreme Eliminate. Higher points grant more rewards. Each Lv 5+ Gem can at least increase 2,000 Combat Power.

The Epic attire and Legendary attire offered in shop and system will help increase Combat Power greatly.



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