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Draco is a browser-based strategy game from the block. Avatar has awakened and the Prime Evils ascended into space, searching for fresh blood…Travel to alien worlds through stargates; rebuild pyramids to colonize new planets, or become a destroyer of the worlds, a harbinger of death…

Here is the exclusive preview from official, you can know what Draco is after reading. Check below:

Drasco: Rise of the Avatar

The story is that the Avatar has awakened and the Prime Evils ascended into space, searching for fresh blood. Highly efficient killers with the sole purpose of consuming all living, "the Avatars are a symbiotic species which assimilated millions of hosts throughout the galaxy, in order to thrive and be able to modify their surroundings."

This peculiar race uses energy from the sun to power their metabolisms and to fuel the accelerated growth of their larvae. The Avatar also feeds on natives and drinks argon - a green gas in a high-energy state which they need to stay alive. The aliens have some cool structures which, apparently, stayed buried deep underground for centuries, waiting to be triggered. I think the trigger was the evolution of the intelligent life; smart enough to modify its surroundings but foolish enough to alert the dormant predators.

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The game play itself is fairly straightforward if you've ever played any of the more traditional browser games, such as Travian. The Avatar units also look cool with their sharp weapons and hardened armors, standing ready to defend the Hive with their lives. The Avatars are fanatic and sadistic in nature.

Because ground combat is not all you get in this game! There are also air units in Draco, well, more like space units, true winged nightmares which drove off attackers from my colony, enough to allow me to send my spies to the enemy's outpost and link it with my Hellmouth, which is basically a portal through which I send my surface hunters. Yep, fresh meat indeed, the enemy had no chance against my ravenous aliens and has shortly proclaimed me winner.

Of course there are no winners and losers in this game; you can build vaults to protect your resources indefinitely (or until an enemy downgrades it). Regardless, for the sake of this demo, I was declared winner and the enemy gladly resigned, making a point. And the point was that the game is fun to play in your spare time, when you want to forget about work or school for a couple of minutes, when you want to relax for just a second.

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Getting back to the game, you should know that evolution is never complete for the Avatar. Bloodthirsty to the extreme, these guys will always seek out new ways to further evolve themselves and become more efficient killers. The game delivered on all counts. It had beautiful graphics, gritty races, unique units, researches, and a great strategic combat system. I walked away impressed with the amount of care and communication coming from the developer, and looking forward to getting my hands on Draco when the server goes public.

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