Doctor Who: Worlds In Time Review

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Doctor Who: Worlds In Time

By Charles Webb from

The one thing that I kept being reminded of while I received my walkthrough of the upcoming MMO, Doctor Who: Worlds In Time was the (obvious) point that the recent reinvigoration of the show aside by most of the fans I know, Doctor Who was always intended for kids. With the exaggerated, cartoon-like art style to what appear to be simple pick up and play mechanics for this browser-based MMO, Three Rings seems to get that about the show and the franchise as a whole.

Doctor Who: Worlds In Time Screenshot

First things, first, a lot of the basic navigation appears to be handled through the game's menus, albeit not excessively so. When you dive into the game, it looks like you'll be using a series of drop-down menus in the Flash-based interface to select the planet you wish to travel to as well as knock around to the various customization screens in the game. While some kind of representative hub system would have been nice, what we have here isn't exactly obtrusive or problematic—just simple.

Jumping into the gameplay, we zipped over to present-day London, which has been decimated by some of that broken time we discussed yesterday. Presented as a 2D view with a little parallax scrolling in the background, you can click around the screen and interact with other characters and players before heading off to a mission. This acts as the game's social space which is then split into that location's various playable spaces.

Doctor Who: Worlds In Time Screenshot

Again, the big takeaway here is that this casual title is intended to be super-accessible. And from what I was able to see, it pretty much is. I do think the interface and jumping between the different functions in the game could use a little bit of streamlining, but based on what was presented here, Three Rings has come up with a quirky and interesting take on the property in the MMO space.

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