Divines of The East: The Revenge of Shennong's Incarnation

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Nowadays Cute Games are truly pooping up in the MMO scene. And recently, a browser based one brought by Game321 just started its Open Beta Phase on July. Clearly, we are talking about Divines of The East which is about to get released; and unlike any other game, this one offers cute graphics in a hand-drawn style featured everywhere. In this way, we are going to have a look at this great Browser based game, and everything else that involves the world of Shennong.

The Story Line: The Adventures of Shennong's Incarnation

Every game has its own story, and Divines of The east also features one. And, it's about a legendary man known as Shennong; a divine farmer who possessed a vast knowledge of Herbs for specific medicinal purposes. Unfortunately, his special abilities got him killed, as for he experimented with herbs on his own body. As a result, he got poisoned and then died.

Divines of The East Screenshot

Once in heaven, his soul was rejected by The Emperor of Heaven who hated him because he was more popular than him. Consequently, as a cruel punishment, his soul got locked up in a tower, so he wouldn't be able to reincarnate; plus his body which was still on earth, was split in pieces to restrain the Fear of Five elements.

After 4 long years trapped in a tower, another god finally freed Shennong's soul which could finally incarnate. However, when the Emperor knew about it, he raged and ordered all gods to hunt for Shennong's incarnation. And, this is when we all are going to take the role of Shennong's incarnated body, to save the land from monstrous creatures sent by the Gods and the Emperor.

Graphics and Sound System

As a browser based game, it features cute hand-drawn graphics which we will love once we get to play the game for first time. All characters and NPCS look highly defined, as if they were taken from a real drawing book, since they are truly colorful and charming. On the other hand, Divines of The East Online also has different music tracks which we will find once we get into new areas or dungeons (every time we explore a new in-game zone, different music tracks will be played).

Divines of The East Screenshot
The game's Hand-drawn graphics are pretty cute, and make this game pretty charming and fun to play.

In fact, this is what the sound system is all about, and what we will find that, in the game once we start our adventures in the world of Shenngong; being that it has enjoyable sound and graphic systems which fit perfectly with the game's story and world.

Character Creation Screen and Classes

Once we get to play the game for first time, we'll be able to pick the following classes: Sword Saint, Eidolon, and Leaf Elf. The first ones are basically melee based, since they use their swords to kill all their foes with devastating power on single or multiple targets. The Eidolons, on the other hand are the magic based class in the whole game, they can deal deadly damage to any creature in their path with their elemental powers. Finally, the Leaf Elves are range based, and they're mostly a support class since they have healing abilities.

Divines of The East Screenshot
There are currently three classes in the world of Divines of the East. Each one features different abilities and skills, so we will have to pick the one which fits our gameplay style.

Once we finally select our class, we will also be able to choose our gender, and a name. Afterwards, we'll be taken to the world of Divines of The east, in which many missions and quests await us in this cute fantasy world.

Gameplay and the Quest System

Even when it's a browser based Mmorpg, Divines of the east has a fun gameplay curve which we will get used to in no time. As a result, we will find ourselves immersed in a world in which creatures are a constant threating danger. In fact, once we get into the game, we will be given quests which are indeed a way of getting in-game currency, and great VIP rewards.

Divines of The East Screenshot
Quests are useful in this game, as for we will get different kind of rewards, every time we complete them.

Divines of the East Online is mainly quest based which means we will have to complete different missions in order to level up. Plus, we will be rewarded with useful items upon completion. In fact, it's highly recommended to quest since we will also be able to know a bit more of the game's story line. These quests will require us to do different tasks like collecting certain items, killing some monstrous creatures or clearing a dungeon.

The Combat and Servant System

Simple and Noob-friendly, are words that describe the Combat Style in this game, which is Turn-based. We will be able to choose our skills once in battle with different foes, or we can set up an automatic combat mode which will spawn every skill we want. This is why, combat is pretty easy to get used to, since controls and skills are manageable in combat.

Divines of The East Screenshot
Divines of The East have a turn-based-combat style, in which we will be able to select every skill we want against all the monstrous creatures out there.

Moreover, Servants are pets which will serve as companions in all our adventures. They are small petit monsters which will fight with us in every battle we have. Luckily, we will be able to get them in early levels. Besides the fact that we will get many kind of different pets as quest rewards in higher levels; and they are customizable which means we will be able to equip different weapons specially made for them.

Divines of The East Screenshot
Servants are loyal companions which will fight by our side in combat. They can also transform into different creatures every three or four levels.

Second class and Mount System

Upon reaching level 45, the multiclass system will be unlocked. It's basically a way of choosing another available class (from the current ones), besides the one we have started the game with. Once the whole Second Class process is achieved, we will be able to switch from one class to another (it's stated that we cannot choose the same class we already started with).

Divines of The East Screenshot
Second class system serves as a way to experience another class but with our same characters. Plus, we will be able to switch from our current class to the new one.

Additionally, the mount system is available at level 42. Different kind of mounts are accessible, however our starting ones will look as fluffy clouds which will evolve in different creatures after being upgraded and transformed.

The judgment

Divines of the East is a fun browser based MMORPG which has great futures that make the game pretty unique and playable; its hand-drawn graphics are certainly a cute element which will surely attract many Gamers all around the world.

The whole game mechanics are mostly noob-friendly, which means we won't find any obstacles in the game, even if we aren't experienced Gamers. Furthermore, there are another kind of features like the dungeon and crafting system which make this game the worth to play, and a real time waster, for those who are still looking for a good MMORPG to have fun with.

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