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Divines of the East:

Legend has it that Shennong, the Divine Farmer, taught the people how to farm and live off the land. His knowledge of herbs was outstanding and their usage for medicinal purposes was a blessing to all. Unfortunately, this blessing was also the cause for his death as his research was done using his own body, with a poisonous herb being his end.

Shennong’s body and soul vanished after his death. His soul (Ling) ascended to heaven, while his body (Can) descended down to the earth. All would have been well, but the Emperor of Heaven was jealous - jealous that the people loved and admired Shennong more than himself. And so, Shennong’s Ling was locked in the Tower of God, preventing it from being reincarnated. Meanwhile, Can had been divided into five pieces, which was used to restrain the fearsome Devils of Five Elements. However, it was a peace that only lasted 1400 years.

A day in heaven is equal to a year in the human world. Although only 4 years passed in heaven, it had been 1400 years in the human’s world then. Can, which had been holding down the Devils of Five Elements, was running out of power as Shennong’s body and soul had been separated for too long. The devils would soon be released, and so, Ling was secretly freed from the Tower of God and reincarnated as a human. As soon as the Emperor of Heaven was aware, his rage and fury shook the land. He immediately ordered all the gods down to earth, to hunt down Ling’s reincarnation.

So, Ling’s reincarnation (you) arrive at the town of Li, where Shennong was born. And here begins the story…



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