Divines of the East Guide: Some Unclear Functions

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This guide is gonna explain you some functions which might confuse you or are confusing especially for the free users in Divines of the East. Thank Nero who made this guide.

I'll start with some small parts such as Pets (Servants), Servant Skills and Crafting and Improve little by littly by adding some other stuff on my own and on request which I'll accept only via PM.

Divines of the East Screenshot

Let's start with the Pets, there is 1 major function which is confusing at some point if you get your Servants, you would need to unlock 8/8 Servants to get the 9th of the list. It is a B rank Servant, not so bad for starters and is part of 8 unlockable Servants I believe (aside from the SSS ones):

Divines of the East Screenshot

As you can see I already unlock it, it kinda looks like a burning little bear (or whatever it is lol) and then once you're further you can see which Pet is the next one, by how much the Servant Level Cap is rising once you get it and what Grade (displayed in color) it is:

Divines of the East Screenshot

Divines of the East Screenshot

Are you going to get Pets the usualy way with Servant Subs you would need to run Dungeons to gain those, are you going to use the Search function you would either need to pay 2 Servant Codex per Search or 20gold (ITEMS ARE CONSUMED FIRST!) if you lack the Items then you would have to pay 20g so be careful!

Are you willing to Search a Servant make sure you have enough resources and you would also have to fill up the Search XP Bar to get the Servant, looks like 10-11x is enough to get you a new Servant:

Divines of the East Screenshot

Divines of the East Screenshot



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