Divines of the East Guide: Faction War

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This guide is about the Faction War in Divines of the East, hope it can help you know more about this event.

Event Name: Sage VS Demon

Duration: 20:40~21: 00

Requirement:Join a faction to attend


1. The 5 minutes prior to the event is the preparation period when players can go to the event map.

2. Players from different factions will be teleported to where their factions are located in the event map

3. Each faction has 3 platforms with different functions. Players can move to different platforms to boost platform stats.

4. If your faction's HP falls to 0, then your faction loses the battle. If your faction is unable to defeat others during the specific time, the faction that has more HP wins.

5. Players are rewarded based on the damage they've dealt.


1. Battle Rewards: Players are rewarded with Prestige and EXP based on the damage they've dealt

2. Ranking Rewards: The top 6 players who deal the most damage will get extra rewards.

The 1st Place Panda Outfit (1 Day), [Book] Intimate Chat*5, Large Note*20, Gear Debris*50, Servant's Soul*20
The 2nd Place [Book] Intimate Chat*4, Large Note*15, Gear Debris*40, Servant's Soul*15
The 3rd Place [Book] Intimate Chat*3, Large Note*10, Gear Debris*30, Servant's Soul*10
The 4th Place Large Note*10, Gear Debris*20
The 5th Place
The 6th Place

3. Winning Rewards: Players from the victorious faction will receive Silver

Classes' Bonus Effects on Platforms:

ATK Platform:

Sword Saint: boosts PA (Physical Attack) and Cri. Hit of the platform

Eidolon: boosts MA (Magical Attack) and DODGE of the platform

Leaf Elf: boosts PA (Physical Attack) and MA(Magical Attack) of the platform

DEF Platform

Sword Saint: boosts PD (Physical Defense) and Hit of the platform

Eidolon: boosts MD (Magical Defense) and DODGE of the platform

Leaf Elf: boosts PD (Physical Defense) and MD (Magical Defense) of the platform

Support Platform

Sword Saint: boosts Hit of the platform

Eidolon: boosts DODGE of the platform

Leaf Elf: boots the platform's HP restored each round

Battlefield BUFF:

ATK: platform's PA & MA +1%. Lasts 2 rounds

Hit: platform's Hit +1%. Lasts 2 rounds

CRI: platform's Crit. Hit +1%. Lasts 2 rounds

DEF: platform's PD & MD +1%. Lasts 2 rounds

DODGE: platform's DODGE +1%. Lasts 2 rounds

HP: the platform's HP +1%

Rage: deals 1% of the enemy platform's total HP

The more BUFFS of the same kind you collect, the more positive effects the platforms can achieve.



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