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Divines of the East offers you an experience with action packed combative battles, dungeons, monstrous creatures, and so much more that you can only imagine. The great thing about this game is you will not have to imagine as this games brings it all to virtual life!

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The game will start out with a cool as well as quite comical story. You will be able to explore and talk to a lot of different people and characters to unfold the story behind this game. You will certainly enjoy the tale that Divines of the East has to offer.

Throughout the game you will have a servant. This servant is actually a flame spirit and he helps you out along the way. You can upgrade your flame spirit by unlocking different things throughout the game. Your flame spirit can appear and help you over 64 different transformations and this is why unlocking the different areas during your game play is so important. Your flame spirit can be a huge help to you in many different ways.

Divines of the East Screenshot

It’s good that this feature exists, because it prevents you from feeling stuck when you are just starting out. However, the downside to this mechanic is that it’s a fairly hands-off experience. When the game shows you to a new feature, it points out the buttons that you need to press, without explaining what each button does. This may be frustrating to those who need additional explanation in order to know what they’re doing. But, at least for a good chunk of the game, it’s just push-button operation, so there’s not much need to understand – just click a link and watch the game go.

Divines of the East Screenshot

Divines of the East is a lot like a beautiful date with deep seated issues. On one hand, the game is fun to look at and is quite easy going at first. You may even find yourself having some dumb fun with the game. But, when you try to get to know the game better you’re liable to drive yourself nuts as you deal with the messy complexity of its interface and gameplay mechanics. Some people may be attracted to that kind of mess. Heck, they may even find the challenge rewarding. However, those who are looking for less hassle with their games should probably stay away.




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