Divine of the East VIP Benefits Guide

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Top up for the first time to enjoy VIP Benefits in Divenes of the East.

Top up any amount to become VIP.

How to Activate Benefits: click on VIP benefits in VIP interface and choose the benefit you wish to activate.

VIP Valid Period: 7 and 30 days.

Benefit Name



Receive a VIP Blessing in the Claim interface every day

Character EXP

Character EXP +100%

Partner EXP

Partner EXP +100%

Artifact Upgrade

Partner’s artifact upgrade cost -20%


Can buy Golden Seeds in the Herb Garden

Planting Speed-Up

3 Gold to clear CD of seeds in Herb Garden

Sage VS Demon

1 Gold to clear CD of Event: Sage VS Demon

Elite Fight

Daily Elite BOSS Fights +2

Arena Fight

No CD in Underground Arena Fights

Clan Quest

Clan Quest Bonus +20%

Daily Refresh

Daily Refresh Quests +2

Seek Servants

Search Points +10 each time you seek servants

BOSS Battle

Max HP +10% in World BOSS battles

Prestige Mastery

Prestige obtained +20% when winning PvP

and Prestige deducted -20% when losing PvP

Gear Refinery

Chance for higher stats by refining gears +10%

Spirit Growth

5 Spirit Growth times each day

Free Mop-Up

No cooldown for dungeonmop-up

Daily Mastery

Helps Servants instantly finish the daily

quests that they do for the players

Wraith Quest

Wraith Quest Bonus +50%


10% off Silver to develop mounts (Stack with events)
Cri. Hit Bonus +100%


Extra 3 times to fight in World BOSS status for each battle



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