Dino Storm – Dinosaurs and... Laser Guns?

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Dino Storm is the browser game brought to us by Split screen Studio's who also made Steel Legions and Pirate Galaxy. All of their web games have a certain feel of quality to them, they look nice and feel easy to play.

This has to be the wackiest game I have reviewed yet. The combination of the past that was millions of years ago, the more recent past of cowboys and the future bringing laser guns, it's not the most logical game in the world. That's not always a bad thing though!

Dino Storm Screenshot

Dino Storm is based around you, a cowboy riding a dinosaur, holding a laser gun... fighting other cowboys riding dinosaurs with laser guns! The game supports guilds and a capture and hold style game play. Hold points of interest and you're rewarded with gold coins or dollars. The PvP is... fun to say the least, if not completely insane. I feel like with the wacky idea of the game, it should have been a lot faster. It felt really quite slow paced for the premise of the game and it's not exactly skill based either, it felt like whoever had more people and had played longer won. Which was, sad for me.

Dino Storm Screenshot

Something cool I did notice was that players who consistently perform well can become a sheriff and get access to rare dinosaurs (T-REX!) and had the game been faster and more fun to play I would have been motivated to play just by the sheer fact of riding a gigantic beast.

Dino Storm Screenshot

The non-pvp side was interesting though. Pretty simple, but amusing. Do missions, get currency, basically. The missions are never the same because of the randomly generated area's which means you'll not do the same thing twice, just very similar things over and over again. I feel like with a bit more content invested in this feature it could have been really good, fun and rewarding.

Dino Storm Screenshot

Overall, the quality was nice and if you're looking for something strange to show your friends and play for maybe an hour, Dino Storm will be your best friend, if you're looking to really sink your time into, I wouldn't even give it a look.

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