Desert Operations Guide: Useful In-game Glossary

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Desert Operations

Community is an important part in Desert Operations. Most of the players can't make a good communication with others because they can't understand them completely with some special glossary. Here is a guide which includes the in-game glossary. It is a good lesson for you to find out the community portal.

Desert Operations Guide: Useful In-game Glossary

From Desert Operations Wiki

1-1-1 From every building type only 1 (down bashing -> bashen)

Ally = Alliance

Att= (Attack) Attack atten attacking

bashen/Basher= someone attacking, until he has no buildings (or he reached -> 1-1-1). Is handed as unfair and many complains are done as -> Whining thread

BUG=Mistake in game

Def (Defence)=defensive


Fi(n)Mi(n)=Finance Minister

HC=High Council(s) (Admin ; Minister of the alliance)

Whining hread=In the Forum: At this topic all are "whining"

HS=1. Highscore; 2. Trade system

IG/In game=In Game/ IGM/IGMsg /In game message (In game-message)

KB=Battle report

KS=Combat system



MSG=Message, message

Multiply= players with more than one account (= forbidden)


noob/n00b= newbie

PN/PM= private message

RPG(s)= Story

SB= Spy report

ST= Support ticket (request to the Support over ticket system)

Spio= Spying

Spyen= to spy

Tut=Tutorial (this here ;-))

U-Mod(us)=Holiday mode



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