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Demon Crusade is a new MMORPG that fuses everything good about Eastern and Western culture – with a devilish twist!

Players embark on a journey through Devil Land as they strive to protect the Demon Temple from destruction. Ancient myths, lost mechanical civilizations, smooth combat and a side-scrolling adventure all await on the quest to becoming the saviour of the underworld. Who will be forever remembered as Great Devil?

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The game will feature turn-based battlegrounds, which can be cooperative and include a partner. The player and their partner collaborate, using tactical thinking and strategy to bring down large groups of enemies. Everything from unit formation to flanking are included in the mechanics of these battles. The AI in Demon Crusade is advertised as being complex and challenging, with no two fights being truly the same. Enemies learn from player strategies and field complex decisions and maneuvers of their own. A player’s ability to defeat foes rests in tactical skill, more than anything else.

Miracles are special abilities that players discover for their characters, allowing them to unleash truly unique skills in combat. Every Miracle has distinct attributes and effects and their levels increase as players discover more. Forget Christmas, miracles happen every day in Demon Crusade!

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There are four distinct types of Miracle, from strongest to weakest: Pantheon, Heirloom, Epic and Legendary. But don’t be fooled, even a low-ranked Pantheon miracle can be strong enough to overpower strong opponents.

Miracles are discovered and learned during Demon Crusade’s exciting Relic Hunt missions.

Demon Crusade heroes need to hunt relics if they wish to find and master the control of miracles. Relic Hunts have players search special maps for ancient treasures, collecting fuel for a mysterious oil lamp along the way. When enough oil is found, the lamp can be lit and used to redeem miraculous rewards.

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Nobody knows the miracles that will happen next time the lamp is rubbed.

Relic Hunts also let players try their luck at finding the elusive, Move-Restricted Chest. This special chest is bursting with valuable items but is very different from other chests. Land on the chest in a set amount of moves and the precious contents are there for the taking. Fail the puzzle and the chest vanishes!



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