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Dead Frontier

Here are some tips  from the official forum, which were posted by Top Chef and may well help you in Dead Frontier . Well, in the dangerous world like Dead Frontier, more tips mean fewer mistakes and more chances of survival.
Check below:

Quick Tips to Dead Frontier

By Top Chef in the official forum

1.) Just because a Mc'd (Master Crafted)  weapon doesn't require any real proficiency to weld i.e Baseball bat, Chef knife, Fire poker or lower lvl (level) pistoles/machine guns. It doesn't mean it's worthless. If the stats are high. say; 8/6/7 or 8/6/6 Keep it! Or at the very least don't get swindled out of it. High stat low requirement weapons can be sold at a premium!

On the other hand... just because somethings master crafted doesn't mean it's made out of gold! Take a look at the market before trying to sell so you don't waste your time getting flamed buy other players.

2.) In terms of service i.e. Medical, repair & cooking... check your lvl first of course, but then for shits and giggles check the lvl above yours. They're capable of giving you service and depending on the time of day sometimes they can be cheaper then services at your lvl. That's because sometimes cheap services at your lvl may have been used up leaving only the more expensive services or a higher lvl may just be in need of some quick cash so they're under cutting the market.

3.) Avoid going into your INV. (Inventory) as much as possible when looting, it raises aggro (the aggression of the zombies) and resets their presence within buildings. Meaning a building you may have already cleared will no longer be.

4.) BEFORE YOU START A MISSION. When you first start playing the game open up the game map (it opens in a separate window) or use the wiki map in another window or tab. Then go back into the out post and select missions that are closer together that way you can kill two birds (or zombies) with one stone.

5.) Browse the forums both buying and selling there are things there that you simply won't find on the market place and trades are usually welcomed. There are also services there such as body-guarding or aid with missions. These can really help you out when you a bit of a lower lvl

6.) SN-42... This is a type of armor and it's one of the best in the game... Well, not really but it carries a low strength requirement (40) provides 50% damage reduction and has a 100% durability which means it won't break as easily as some of the other armors.

7.) In the market there is a search feature USE IT. If your looking for a paticular Master crafted weapon and can't find the stats your looking for that doesn't mean it's not up for sale right now. The market place only shows the cheapest weapons not the best! Type in what you're looking for and you'd be surprised!


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