Complete Review of DDTank by Zevri

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Turned based artillery shooters have been around for a long time. From the Worms series that started in 95' to the more recent additions in online versions like Gunbound. Now there is a new addition to the roster in nGames' new mmo DDTank. Though the name of the game is DDTank, there aren't any tanks involved, just you and other players characters with both odd and funny weapons. It's a browser based turn based artillery game that runs in flash. It has a lot of the same features as it's predecessors but expands it farther than the others have tried turning this into a fun and addicting game that you can easily lose hours into.


Jumping into the game

The game has a fairly basic character creation, and leaves you only the choices of what your gender will be and the name you are given. You are also prompted to what they claim as a thirty second tutorial, but which really does take a short bit longer.(Not too long mind you). The tutorial is fairly basic and teaches what you need to know from buying new avatars to joining and fighting in a room. Even though it is fairly basic, I like when they add tutorials to games like this. This is because in some cases, which this one is included, the tutorial takes you into fighting. If you never played any artillery turned based games before, then you may be lost in the controls. But this has just enough to give you some practice before you get into the fight yourself.

Complete Review of DDTank

Complete Review of DDTank

The interface of the game is nicely laid out. The buttons are easy to distinguish based on the icons on them, and they are a decent size so you shouldn't have trouble making them out. Overall it's nice, clean, and easy to navigate.

Complete Review of DDTank

New guy in town

First thing you will notice when you actually get into the game is the interface for where you go. The game presents itself in more of a town manner. You are put in the overview of the town and you're able to pick out locations throughout town which range from a chapel for your character to get married, an auction house, the store, an armory, and several other locations. Not all the locations are acceptable at once, for instance you can only get into the boatyard when you hit level nine. Some of the other locations like the auction house are not yet implemented, so it is a bit difficult to comment on how it works. Overall I do kind of like the whole interface there. It is a bit unique than other room based games like this, and gives you something else to stare at instead of just the various rooms in the game.

Complete Review of DDTank

Wait, where is the other team?

The game does take a unique stance on room based matches. If you played games like Gunbound, then you know that when you join a room you see both sides and you pick a side, get your items, click ready, and wait for the match to begin. This game has a lot of the same things, you do pick your items and get ready to wait, but it is a bit different than that. In that you don't see or know who your opponent team will be. When everyone is ready and the host starts, there is a counter which tells you how much time has passed for you all to wait. You are waiting for another room with the same amount of members waiting for a match as well.

Complete Review of DDTank

I see both positives and negatives to this setup, but mostly it is positive to me. The negative is that you are forced to face a random team, if you wanted to do a practice match with your friend, it's not possible. But there is a bright side to this, which fixes a problem I used to see in Gunbound a lot. That is that the opponent team is random. Let me elaborate, when you go against two teams and you know who is on either side, sometimes one team likes to play dirty. I have seen it a lot in other games where they will have one or more dummy players on your team, who will either be idle all round, purposely die, or make it easy for the other team to kill them so they can win a lot faster.  So to me the positives outweigh the negatives on this, but it would be nice to be able to set up practice matches with your friends at least.

Complete Review of DDTank

Avatars, what makes me look different from you.

I have to admit I do like the avatar system in this game.  The avatars that you get do serve both the function to make you look different from the crowd, and also to help boost your characters stars just a bit more. But how they approached it is rather nice.  All the avatars parts you get and see on your character, save the weapon, all boost the same stats for the same amount. So beyond giving a small boost the choice you make on how your character looks is totally up to you. So if you prefer one look over another, you can stick with that without worrying that your stats would be bad or not as good unless you put on the ugly avatar skins. That wasn't enough however, and they took it a bit further. Beyond just picking an outfit you actually have limited option to change the color of the item as well. This allows you to customize yourself even more and make your character stand out. So go crazy, get a pompadour, a cat mask, and throw some plunders, it's your right as a player of the game.

Complete Review of DDTank

But alas all good things must come to an end. There is a negative aspect I did find to the avatar shop. One that is more minor than the other but both should be addressed. The minor one is that the only way you can get a permanent weapon or avatar, is if you pay for it with real money. If you pay in vouchers, the longest you can keep an item is for thirty days. Now I don't think that is as bad, but for me it gets a bit worse. Vouchers used to pay for the items are a bit of a pain to get. You will get a good number of them early on, especially with all the quests you will be doing, but when you fight between, it takes a long time to get enough. It shouldn't be that difficult to get the vouchers, even though I know the reason they may have done it is to get more people to pay in cash. For a casual player this is a bit of a breaker, since if you don't play this game a lot, you won't make enough to renew your items when they expire.

Complete Review of DDTank

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Well I'm a college student who is taking classes to start my own business. What business? Well I am taking the classes to work things out to make a realistic one. As for my gaming "expertise" if you would call it that, I have been gaming longer than I can remember. My parents got me into gaming when I was really small, and I have been with it since. I am more accustomed to essay writing instead of review writing, so if you feel I lack in any of these aspects or see an error I made, feel free to correct me, I always welcome constructive criticism.


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