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YooGames DDTank 3.0 has just been released online and DDTank players, young and old stream into the battle competitively. There goes a famous saying that sharp tools make good work. Likewise, you should pay attention to some details in order to play this game well. Thus, we make some tips about important details in the New Era and share with all of you.

Tip 1: The Additional Scene isn't terrifying, but amusing.

Thebest thing of the Version3.0 is that it launches two more additional scenes. The rescuing action of Chicken Run and intense fightingof GuluSports Meeting are respectively prepared for the level 11-15 and level 22-27 players. From the promotional video, we can see the extremely evil skillsof Fatal Eggs, Double-hit Eggs, Straw Splash of Smelly Egg BOSS and Iron Wall, Broken Boxing, Broken Chopping of Black Referee Mecar. However, there is no need to fear. As long as we have sophisticated technology, strong weapons anda cooperative team, we can obtain the handsome breakthrough rewards.

DDTank Screenshot
Picture 1: Run Run Chicken as a new AdditionScene

Tip 2: Beautiful Card will extra bonus

The Cards System in newly launched version3.0 are not simplyfor collection butbecome miracles whenusing them. The eight card sets, such as Ant City Set, Gulu Kingdom Set, Evil Tribe Set, Dark Devil Set, Goblin Set, Run Chickens Set, GuluSports Meeting Set and Four Artifacts Set are all filled with magical energy. They will increase various effective bonuses of Health, Rage, Critical and Heal.

Tip 3Famous teacher and wise apprentice explore the world together

For more players' Quick Start, Version3.0 has launched the Teacher and Apprentice system brilliantly: players who reach level 6-19 can acknowledge someone as a teacher while players above level 20 can accept apprentices. The collective fight of teacher and apprentice can obtain 15% extra exp; the single fight of teachers or disciples can gain 10% extra exp. Besides all of this, when the apprentices reach level 10, 15, 18, 20, they will obtain teacher and apprentice exclusive jewel boxes which maybe contain the exclusive weapons.

DDTank Screenshot
(Picture 2: Teachers and Apprentice system)

Tip 4Gratitude and resentment build up the enthusiasm in the league

After the release of Version3.0, if you still fight by single, then you are behind the fashion. In Version3.0 of DDTank, You can obtain handsome league fortune by fighting together with your bros and sis no matter whether you are in a senior league or you have just joined a newborn one. At the same time, by joining the 4V4guild fight, you will gain extra titles and exps.

Tip 5Do not play the refined low- carbon randomly

Having played a game for solong you must have varied bound, overdue and useless items. Not valuable to change them into gold? Why not to go and try the Refine Items launched by the Version3.0 in which system will produce a new tool according to the value of the items. However, be sure that you throw the useless items to refine. It will be miserable to throw in precious items such as Boomerang, and Level 5 Energy Stone.

DDTank Screenshot

Tip 5: Claim the daily rewards

The Shop in the revised Version3.0 is more luxuriant and the newly increased free gift is more attractive. The system will automatically refresh every morning and releases a batch of free items. All kinds of high consuming tools, nostalgic clothes may appear. Everyone can get an item per day and please remember to claim early!

Tip 7Battle props are FREE to use

Stealth 150G, Shuttle 200G, Frozen 500G, Lead 600G…players who like to use props must hold a complex feeling about them. In New Era of Version 3.0, we pay for you and the battle props are all changed into free items. You can enjoy them without paying any gold.

DDTank Screenshot

These tips above are what we have prepared for you. Please memorize them by heart and join the new Version3.0 of YooGames. Certainly, you are welcome to supplement in our official forum and share with other players your experience and feelings! Please visit at



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