DDTank Guide: The League

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DDTank League Guide

Creating a League
Any Player who does not have any League record can create a League when he reaches level 5, and pays 50000 gold. The founder of a League is the Chairman of the League. Input the League name then click "OK" to create a League.

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Join a League
Players can submit an application through the League Application Interface, or join a League via the invitation of other League members. One Player can only join one League at a time. Choose one League then click the Apply button. Check the record of applied League and withdraw application.

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League Shop
Necklaces that can increase the maximum HP by 10%-50% are sold in the League shop Level 1-5. Glory pockets of different levels are also sold in the shop, containing different game items such as "E·" series weapons and necklaces that can increase maximum HP. Leveling up League shop requires the League to reach certain level, and to spend some amount of public wealth and gold.

League Quests
Players will get quests once he/she joins a League. There are two kinds of League tasks: common tasks and daily tasks. Players can take common tasks only once, and can get luxury items. Players can gain certain experience, glory and wealth after completing league daily tasks. The daily tasks will be reset every 24 hours, so players can do these tasks once a day.

League Safe Deposit Box
The League safe deposit box can increase league member's storage space from 10-100, which will be shown in the League safe deposit box Level 1-10. Leveling up the League safe deposit box requires the League to reach certain level, and it will also cost some wealth and coins of the League. League safe deposit box can store lots of things.

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League Fights

Once the League reaches level 3, any two or more players in the same League can start a fight in a fight room. The winner of the League Fight mode can get certain amount of league wealth.

A fight can start when two Players from the same league are gathered together.

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League Armory

The League Armory can enhance the success rate of fortification and synthesizing, it will increase success rate by 10%-100%, which will be shown in the League armory Level 1-10. You can still enter the League armory even if you have not leveled up the armory, but the increased percentage of success rate will be 0. Leveling up a League armory requires the League to reach certain level, and it will also cost some wealth and coins of the League.

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Success rate of League armory= success rate of common armory*(100%+the increased success rate of a League).

All the things sold in League shop are valuable ones.

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