DDTank Guide: How to Make Your Best Shot

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Be a new player of YooGames DDTank, learn then official calculate of angles is a must. If you learn it well, u will get a higher success rate in battle. When a new player plays, many of them will meet high level players, and they hits on nearly every shot, on certain circumstances he will be called an aimbotter, but actually, it's because of the shooting formula, the longer a player plays the easier he remembers the formula, so the most important thing for a new player is to learn the formula, so that he can use it in future battles.

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Starters (if you understand the wind and distance you can skip the starters). Below are the variables you will need, wind direction, distance, strength. The important one is the distance, which is the distance between you and the target, after measuring the distance, the formula is easy. There's a small window on the top right corner of the screen, of which 10/1 part is 1 distance.

DDTank Screenshot

There are 2 ways of measuring distance, one is using the window at the top right corner, whole screen is 10 distance, with half a screen is 5 distance, the other distances have to be calculated by yourself. Another way is using the ongoing game screen. Move the window around and start counting distance from where you are, the whole screen is 10 distance and then by a hunch you will get the correct distance. The best time of calculating distance is it's on your opponent's turn, because on your turn, there's a time limit, once the time has passed, you have wasted a chance to hit.

DDTank Screenshot

The wind strength displays at the top center of the game screen, the number in the arrow head is the wind, while the small arrow below shows the wind from the previous round. Take the picture below as an example, if you are playing on the map on the left to the right and get the following situation, you will be shooting downwind, if you are hitting from the right to the left will be shooting upwind.


I will introduce a few ways of shooting, to let everyone have an understanding of the formulas; these are also the formulas you will need to learn.

Firstly the angle 30 shot:

Advantage: it's rarely affected by wind, so you can ignore wind in most cases

Disadvantage: affected by terrain, height affects the aim a lot, and can't hit on certain areas.

The angle 30 shot is all about using angle 30 to hit, and adjusting strength according to the distance, but because the angle is low, it's sometimes affected by terrain, but it's still useful, and the chances of hitting are rather high. The type of battle style is suited for low angle weapons such as, the med kit and flames. Proper distance measuring and angle coordination, the usage of strength will bring you to a higher level of accuracy.


Angle 30 shot basic formula: 30±wind strength=angle (wind along+ against-)

For example: our distance from target now is 10, when we attack with downwind, using the wind strength, we can use the above table of distance and strengths to calculate that we need angle=32, strength=47.5, if it's upwind, the angle will be 28, while the strength remains unchanged.

DDTank Screenshot

Most lethal way of using angle 65 shot: (calculating distance, and changing the angle according to wind)

Advantage: terrain barely affects this shotits best used for digging.

Disadvantage: the wind affects this shot more, and strength must be very precise for better accuracy.

Weapons recommended: explosive, laser, plunger, TV


Angle 65 shot, also known as digging play, and the angle changing play, because when you hit to the right from the left side of the map, this shot combined with the use of the 3 in 1 buff. The bullets will fall onto the same area and bury your opponents. This formula must be learned, if you want to dig your opponents. Based on the distance and the table above, before your turn, you can calculate the distance to get a better advantage, and then calculate the strength. After efforts to determine,  it is necessary to determine the point of view, this play is also known as 65 angle change shot, it is not constantly 65 degrees, and it's determined by the force of the wind. Before you attack, you can first point is adjusted to 65, and then look at the wind. If it is downwind 1.0, increase the angle by 2 degrees to use 67 degrees, if it is upwind 1.0, decrease the angle by 2 degrees. Changing the angle according to wind by multiplying then subtracting or adding then angle needed, you can find the appropriate angle.

65 angle formula = 65 + 2 times the wind (downwind is positive but upwind is negative)

In addition to the classic play of 30 degrees and 65 degrees of play, hottest way of shooting is the high angle on YooGames' DDTank, this way of shooting uses fixed angle and it's unaffected by terrain. Thus being used by many players, in battle, you just need to adjust your strength according to the distance and you can hit your target every time.

High angle is commonly seen used in game, and it's a way of shot a professional must learn. The basic angle of high angle shot is 90 degrees, and altering the angle according to distance, the strength remains at 95.

Angle 90 formula->90-distance +-(windx2)= angle(downwind+ upwind-)

For example, distance 15, upwind 2.7, the angle will be 90-15-5.4=70 (small numbers can be neglected), strength always at 95.

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