DDTank: New Instance Dragon Lair

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He, has the extremely strong power, swallow up all the fire, destroy everything! He does not only own the mysterious magic, but also the most advanced high-tech weapon! He is invincible! The kingdom of DDTank is shaking, The citizen of DDTank kingdom all expect a hero who is able to take down the evil dragon! The final battle in the castle, deep into the dragon's lair! The shinning treasure is waiting for the new lord..

A new instance: Dragon Lair opens in DDTank 2.6.0. as the new version comes out. Wanna be the dragonslayer who take the first blood of the dragon? Then what are you waiting for? Just come and show your power in Dragon Lair.

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When players finally finish the Shadow Castle Boss - the guard Minotaur, and walk deep in the Castle, the real war just begins. You will find the Dragon's lair, which is full of evil and greed.

From the mid-age, goblin has been serving the demons. But once, all came out of a sudden, they found the most secret and powerful way to make advanced weapons during their working for demons underground. Although they still cannot defeat the demons since their power is still not strong enough, they dig much more treasure and form a huge underground army.

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Goblins use the knowledge they have to build a lot new weapon, and the underground army is for protecting the treasure they found. They will not let anyone through and reach their treasure.

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The Imp, as a little boss, has a lot of powerful magic to destroy the adventurer. Yes it looks like a trick to you when compared with the Minotaur, but it in fact is a real trouble to all the players. By the way, the more you fight it, you will be torn into the mud, it will gain more power since the time goes by…

DDTank Screenshot

Defeat the Imp, it's the time to face the Boss, it's the monster of legend, the Dragon. So you will be like Richard the Lion Heart to slayer the monster or just like nobody fail in the lair? Prove yourself when 2.6 is on!



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