DDTank Guide: PVE Fight

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    Introduction of Side Quest

Now only the PVE mode is available for the players to attend. The players can get the rewards by the defeat of monsters with team work.

The entrance of the different side quests has different limit of level of the character.

Four level: easy, normal, difficult and hero.

The higher the level is, the hard the monster and boss are. The rewards are also be much plentiful.

The player only can play the side quest as the order from the easy to hard. The player can choose normal level after the accomplishment of the easy level. Different level side quest has different length. The greatest rewards are always appears in the highest level of the side quest.

In the mode of side quest, we can encounter many monsters whether they have beautiful face or the ugly one, or the cute boss. Remember the kindness to the enemy is the brutality to the team.

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Process of Side Quest

Not similar as other battle mode, side quest needs combat for completing a series quests and defeating the final boss. Any attempt of quitting the quest means the player will give up the chance of getting the special and rare items.

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Create a room in the boatyard and enter the room.

Side Quest Items

After the accomplishment of the side quest, the player has the reward of turning over the hiding card. There are 2 free chances and 1 chance by spending a coin. All the items in that side quest can be got by the turning over the card.

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Boss Item

In the side quest, the defeat of boss (not the final one) can have a chance to turn over a hiding card to get the special boss items.

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NPC item

In the side quest, the player can have the chance to pick up the rare items by the kill of the NPC.

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