Dawn of Kings: Background and Features and Concept Arts

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Dawn of Kings

Dawn of Kings is the debut of Core Interaction. It's currently under development and not many information can be found. Below are the background story and some features that supposed to be added in-game.

The light of civilization has found Darotia. Tribes have settled and formed towns, and the first kings have been crowned. Some say they have even felt hints of magic...

But all is not well in this new world. Deep inside the great forrests of the inland, something much more frightening has woken.

This is a time for heroes to rise. Will you be the one to find the root of this new evil? The destiny of Darotia awaits you!

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  • Browser Based. Play from any computer with an internet connection. No need to download or install any other software - just start playing right away in your favorite browser.
  • Role-Playing and Strategy in one. Build up your character, then take control over your own region or even kingdom. As a king or governor, you have many possibilities in the fields of Economics, Politics and of course - Warfare!
  • Epic Scale Battles. As a King you can command thousands of players and NPC's. Send them to battle and conquer your enemies.
  • Brand new fighting system. Fight several opponents at once, using melee, ranged weapons or combat spells, and a wide range of different combat moves.
  • Endless Variation. Our unique content editors allow for thousands and thousands of different types of items and monsters. From Weak Rats to Insane Giant Mountain Dragons.
  • Create your own items. By using Crafting and Alchemy Skills you can create your own Items, such as Potions, Weapons or Armor.
  • Player Interaction. Join a guild, or create your own. Team up with other players to raid dungeons, kill mighty bosses or battle for control over regions and resources. In-game chats and forums.

There are no screenshots can be found online and here are some concept arts:

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