Dark Swords: A Fantasy MMORPG

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Dark Swords

Dark Swords is a free online role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn't have analogues. DarkSwords combines the traditional role-playing system with innovative approach to the game process implementation, character development and social aspect.

Dark Swords
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Game Features


  • Orc: Orcs have increased influence of Strength on game parameters, and at the same time their Dexterity and Intelligence influence is weakened on Dwarves level.
  • Dwarf: Dwarfs have the best con bonus so it's best to use dwarf as a tank character.
  • Human: All around Character - good for solo players
  • Drow: Drows are the mages/wizards. It is a good race choice for wizard's career with increased Intelligence.
  • Elf: Elves gain advantages in all fields associated with Dexterity, but yield to other races in characteristics associated with Strength and Constitution, the influence of their Intelligence to fighting and other parameters are comparable to Humans.


  • Tank: Tank has two divisions: A PvP tank, less hp than a PvM but much better damage; A PvM tank, more hp and less damage, but open wounds!
  • Buffer: A healer or buffer is a mage that can heal other players and cast buffing spells on them to make them stronger, faster, or smarter.
  • Nuke: A nuke is a mage with very high levels of MP and Magic Damage and can therefore deal a large amount of damage with their offensive spells.
  • Assassin (Build): Most often Elf, but seemingly Dwarf is better because of the HP bonus.

Dark Swords
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Fighting: There Types

  • Religion War: Two religions in Dark Swords: The Sun Religion and the Moon Religion. Religion members may attack each other when they are in a Chaos Zone or a Religion War Zone. This provides the game with a "player vs. player" (PVP) system.
  • Clan War: Join a clan or create a clan! Clans fight each other gain clan experience. The clans with the most clan experience can get health and mana bonuses.
  • Tournaments: Tournaments are organized events where players have the chance to fight each other until only one remains. The last remaining player may recieve a prize. The Tournaments are run by players with the status. They set up dates, collect fees and run the tournaments.

Dark Swords
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The game mechanism in Dark Swords provides lots of possibilities for items creation and improvement by players themselves. The following technologies are available: health and mana elixirs preparation, reifnorcement of magic wands and armour and wizard staves improvement, as well as intermediate production processes with their results are the components which are used in other processes (often called "runes").


Agriculture: You can independently grow any plants with the technology in game in order to obtain ingredients necessary for elixir manufacturing.
Genetics: Genes’ Modification is the technology which allows changing (to strengthen or weaken) the effect from the spells imposed on the character: Tiger Strength, Feline Grace, Steel Body, Wisdom of the Owl.
Familiars: Familiars are a kind of home pets, who help you in the battle with their skills. Familiars need your care, which they pay for with devotion and skills.
Weapons: The values of initial characteristics are also of direct importance in weapon choice, weapons which character gets automatically in the beginning. Weapons: sword, wand, dagger, staff, axe, spear.

Dark Swords
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Here is Dark Swords Guide: Repeatable Quests List

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