Cyber Monster Guide: Raising Pets

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Cyber Monster may still be in beta but the battles are very much underway. NGames has released information to help you be more prepared in raising and taking care of your pets.

Once encountering a monster in Cyber Monster, players can instantly check their Monster Guide and initiate a battle to fight it again. When defeated each monster becomes a pet (Poke-mon reinvented)which can be used as a mount for travelling, put to work on farming for resources and mining for hidden treasures, and summoned in battle as a combat assist.

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As with most RPGs the higher the skill, the stronger the pet they can capture and summon. Players can collect and call upon loads of unique pets, each with their own individual perks in the form of HP, Attack, Defence, Speed and Critical attributes.

The talents of your pet can be leveled up by collecting and spending four special items: Low Growth, Mid Growth, High Growth, and Rapid Growth; earned by participating in loads of exciting events held throughout Cyber Monster world.

Some attributes enhance faster in certain monsters than others, but players wanting to build the ultimate pet for their play style can change this using the intuitive Enhance panel. Here, the potential gain of each attribute can be tweaked by spending Potential points, which can be either be purchased in exchange for coupons or absorbed from other pets.

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The higher the level of a pet, the higher their potential. Through careful use of the Growth items and Enhance panel, Cyber Monster players can combine all of the monsters they defeat and capture into enviable pets.

With tons of NPC's, events and tournaments, players seeking a new MMORPG with cute characters, innovative gameplay and a laid back community should see what Cyber Monster has to offer. Interested players can join the open beta fun now:

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