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Not everyone has enough time on their busy schedules to download and play huge MMORPGs with amazing graphics. They need something that they can play in just a few minutes and still get the whole experience without wrestling with loading times and lengthy commitments. For them, there is a world of games you can play right in your browser for free, and they should look no further than Cyber Monster 2.

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Cyber Monster 2 aims to bring a fast and casual experience to gamers of all kinds. You pick from just three character classes, leveling is fast, content is endless, and the community is friendly. It also boasts a very easy, shallow learning curve so new players can get right into the action with minimal effort. There is a short tutorial starting off, and more and more features are unlocked as you play the game. You will not have everything available to you until you are around level 50 but you get a mount, so you have plenty of time to get acquainted with how things work. And you may be surprised by how well they work.

You will not get far by yourself since all fights are turn-based and you will usually be fighting more than one monster at a time. Luckily, you can acquire "pets" through various means, mostly quests, which will fight for you and block damage. You place your fighters on a 3-by-3 grid called an "Array", and you are encouraged to put at least one monster in front of yourself so you get more chances to do heavier damage. Keep in mind, since there is no way to battle manually, you will be relying on your Array and your stats to win fights. This could make you feel a little detached, but it does enable you to multitask.

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This game features automatic path-finding and fighting so, to an extent, you aren't locked to your computer while doing quests or fighting monsters. Your character can do those things without your input, so you are free to do events, chat, or even leave your computer while your hero does the heavy lifting. This can also be used for just grinding monsters, but this is limited by the energy bar, which refills over time or by resting in town. Once you run out of energy, you can no longer fight. Each battle consumes 1 energy, and normal fights do not give a significant amount of experience points. This stops bots from becoming a problem.

Cyber Monster 2 contains fun, frequent events that activate over the course of the day to get you more involved and provide some excitement while also offering a chance for prizes to boost your character. Many of them involve taking on particularly powerful foes, and some involve fighting with other players to collectively take down an otherwise-invincible monster.

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You will be prompted to join a guild very early in the game. Unlike most games, there is actually no process involved in joining a guild. In fact, you do not even need to pick one yourself. You can simply click to "Auto-Join" a guild and be placed in one automatically. Make sure to get friendly with your guild mates and move up the ranks and you will have the opportunity to run for guild master yourself! Of course, being in a guild provides a host of benefits. Contributing to the clan gives "Donation" points, which can be redeemed in the guild "Hoard" for some free stuff. Not only that, but as long as your guild master is active, you can participate in a lot of cool cooperative events.

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In order to fight these monsters and stay competitive in PvP, you will need to increase your "Total Force", which is a number at the top of the screen that rises whenever you upgrade the gear or stats of anything in your party. This provides a nice indicator of your power level and lets you easily set your own goals for improvement without having to get too involved with individual stats. However, you can easily get involved with your character's strengths by using "Signets". Once you unlock them, you can put them into "Seal Slots". Each signet buffs one specific stat, so you can focus on increasing your strengths or covering your weaknesses.

If none of this entices you, you can still have a laugh at the witty humor used in the story. It can be very entertaining if you take the time to read what the NPCs say to you when you accept and finish their quests. Even some of the NPCs themselves are a bit silly.

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Cyber Monster 2 is a game for busy people. At times, you just want to play a game that will give you an easy time without asking much in return. For those people, and for any players who were fans of Cyber Monster 1, this game may be for you. Do not expect the world from this game, just expect a good, simple time.

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