Cyber Monster II Guide: Tips and Trick to Get Energy

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This guide is about some tips and trick to get energy in Cyber Monster II. Just check below to get the information you may need. Thank Cruisher who made this guide.

Energy bar icon with green colour near your character info.

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

Energy is point to fight with monster. Every 1 battle will use 1 point of energy. Because this game not reset the energy when servertime restart, so we must smart and wise using our energy. Use your energy ONLY when you have quest ( MAIN quest , DAILY quest and GUILD quest) and training centre ( MOP UP time).

In this guide, i'ill try to give information how to collect energy point. More energy means more exp, more gold and more crystal

1. Normal Gain

( 5 Point per 30 minute )

Normally you get this point when you online and offline. @10 x 24 hours = 240 point. But energy bar max is 200, so we need 20 hour using this method to get full bar

2. Rest in the City

( 1 point per 5 minute)

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

For this method you must stay break and rest in the city ( City of Dawn or City of Hero).

U can using rest when you ONLINE. AUTOMATICALLY stop the rest if u logout or DC.

@1 hour = 12 point =>>> 24 hours = 24 x @12= 288 energy.

But energy bar max is 200, so u need only 17 hour to full your energy bar.

3. Attend Wedding Party

(Extra energy in the venue every 10 Minute: 5 Energy for low venue, 10 Energy for medium venue and 20 for advanced venue)

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

NPC Marriage Clerk

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

The 3rd method, u got energy when attended player wedding. You can meet NPC Marriage Clerk to check for wedding party. This method will boost your energy quickly. But this wedding only run in 1 hour and you must scramble with other player because wedding have limited attendance.

Low Venue ( 10 attendance) =>>> 1 hour = 30 energy (60 minute : @10 minut= 6 x @5 energy)

Medium Venue ( 20 Attendance) =>>> 1 hour = 60 energy (60 minute : @10 minut= 6 x @10 energy)

Advance Venue ( 40 Attendance) =>>> 1 hour = 120 energy (60 minute : @10 minut= 6 x @20 energy)

4. Use Crystal

( 20 energy per 10 crystal, Every 3 time use will increasing using crystal 10 point)

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

Yeah you are right, crystal is very usefull in this game, especially to getting energy. If u lack of crystal u can use 3 times a day to get 60 energy. because every 3 time use per day will increasing the number of crystal 10 point, example 1-3 only @10 crystal, 4-6 need 20 crystal, 7-9 need 30 crystal.

NB= For normal and rest method u can gain till 200 energy bar only.

I hope this guide can help to max your energy.



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