Cyber Monster II Guide: Signet System

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In Cyber Monster II, seal pet to get the signet which can raise stats when equipped on pet or character.

The initial number of signet slot is 4, but you can spend crystals to open more signet slots. The first slot requires 10 crystals; the second one requires 10+10 crystals and so on. You can open 20 slots at most.

How to seal and get signet: Different visitors can get different signets of different qualities

1) Priest:cost 10000 gold

2)Flamen:cost 12000 gold

3)Pope:cost 16000 gold

4)Angel:cost 20000 gold

5)Archangel:cost 25000 gold

Seal Method: Seal is divided into 5 stages: Angel, Archangel,Virtues, Thrones and Seraph.

There is a certain chance to open the next stage seal when using the seal, for example, when you are using the Priest Seal, you may open the Flamen Seal.

It will not influence the use of lower level seal when the higher level seal is opened.

Quick Seal:By using this function, you can count the number of seal according to the number of remaining seal slots. This function is available for the VIP4 player.

Quick Seal can also trigger the upgrade effects. Each seal will adopt the highest stage that is available to choose.

The quality of signet is divided into 4 types: Green Signet, Blue Signet, Purple Signet and Golden Signet. The higher the quality the higher the stats it can bring to the pet when equipped. Signet also can be upgraded through synthesis, and the highest level of it is 10.

Synthesize Signet: You can synthesize signet by clicking one-click-synthesize or by dragging itdirectly.

When using the one-click-synthesize, it will synthesize all the blue signets or below into EXP Signet which is called 'Fragment'. It is the total EXP of signet that used for the synthesis.

Special Signet: It's another way to get signets. By collecting the special Signet Box you may open and get special signets.

Redeem Signet: By visiting Pope, Angel, and Archangel, you may get purple, Golden signet shard; by challenging the Brave Journey, you may get red signet shard. You can redeem the relevant signets in the redemption shop when you collected enough amount of shard.



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