Cyber Monster II Guide: Mounts

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In Cyber Monster II, Mounts can add their owners' stats via upgrade and fostering. Also, they can transform looks.

Mount Upgrade: Mounts will go through 9 phases to complete the whole upgrade and have 9 looks unlocked with the phases. Under each phase, there will be 9 levels to climb up. For each level increase, mounts' stats will be boosted. Only when the mounts reach Lv.9 in a phase and related upgrade materials are spent can they enter the next phase and unlock look of next phase, yet they shall upgrade from Lv.1.

Foster Mount: Fostering mounts can get you Mount EXP. Foster can be divided into three kinds: Crystal Foster, Coupon Foster and Royal Foster.

Normal Foster: Spend 5 Crystals or 1 Mount Card to get EXP*99 and a chance for 5x EXP

Royal Foster: Spend 50 Crystals or 10 Mount Cards to get EXP*990 and a better chance for 5x Critical Hit.

Enhance Mount: Lv.9 mounts with full EXP can be enhanced. Enhancement requires Mount Upgrade Shard and Mount Upgrade Core.

Mounts' appearances will change after they're enhanced, yet players can turn the mounts into the appearances before the enhancement.

* Note: Mount Cards are attainable in the events.



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