Cyber Monster II Guide: Mining Tactics

Date: Sep 24 2013 01:26:56 Source: Official Forum Views:
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In Cyber Monster II, if you attack with full array your just giving the Patron Saint at mining points enough SPR to 1 hit you so here's one possible solution.

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

Patron Saints starts with 25 SPR and usually attacks first thats why the first sacrifice dies that gives it 50 SPR.

Now then only use 2 attackers to make its SPR 100 where in its skill needs 125 so the next time it attacks it kills the second sacrifice and then the attackers can have one more round before it 1 hits you.

I know there are better ways but you can use this as a basis for your own tactics and oh make sure your using sigil and pet that counters the Patron Saint for max damage

that's all i know, hope someone helps too...



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