Cyber Monster II Guide: Marriage System

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In Cyber Monster II, lv.20 single characters can all propose at the Godfather's in City of Light. After the marriage, your lover will be with you in the battle. There's no limitation on the gender for marriage. Characters can love whoever they want.

Requirement: Both have Wedding Rings that are available in the Shop (and will be exchanged after the marriage)

There are three rings: Ring of Commitment, Ring of Promise and Ring of Eternity that vary with prices. When they are exchanged at the wedding, their stats will be different as well.

Both are friends.

Both are single.

Both are Lv.20 and higher.

The character proposed shall pay the venue fee and spend a Proposal Token.

Wedding: The couple and their friends will be teleported to the wedding venue from 8:00pm-9:00pm every day. The number of people present at the wedding is up to the size of the venue.

The guests can get items by sending gifts while the newly-wed can get rewards based on the number of gifts they receive.

Divorce: divorce can be done one-sidedly. All you need is the divorce item that is available in the Shop.



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