Cyber Monster II Guide: How To Defeat The Bosses Fast

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Have you guys allready tried to challenge some Bosses in Cyber Monster II like General on the "Booklet and Coliseum" and wasn't able to defeat him?
Sometimes you guys ask yourselves "Why i cant do it?"
Well I have some tips to help you guys defeat those Monsters:

1st Tip - Sigils

You guys must allways know "Whats the Monster Sigil".
I will take General as an example...

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

Hes Sigil Is Monster Type. So I recommend Equip Dragin Sigil or Knight Sigil to deal more damage.

2nd Tip - Hp, Levels and Damage

Allways Check your enemy monster Hp and level. Its allmost impossible defeat a lv60 pet with a level50. UsePets that have advantage against them.
Some Bosses like General have High Hp, so Use Damager Pets with a decent defence. No matter how high the pet's atack is, if the pet as no defence at all it will die on 1 or 2 hits. When you challenge them on the quest or Coliseum I recommend raise your pets levels with a 5 levels diference.
Note: When your level 55+ i think the only good pets you can get are: Icy Demon, Golem And Ghost Rider.
I personaly doubt that normal players can get Miya on that level.

3rd Tip - Boosts

Well if you guys have followed the 2 tips above and still didnt beat them up that means you guys need "The Boosts"
They really Boost you up, and makes monsters defeating more easy.
There are 3 kinds of boosts that even free users can use (that i know):
* Potions (you can get them on Hidden NPC, Rewards, and Fiend Nucleus)
Potions temporaly raise your pets status.

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

* Mounts (you can get them on Guilds)
Mounts can give you extra defence, Speed, Hp and Damage. (read mount description before choose)

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

* Guild Beast (you can get them on Guilds)
Guild best means "More Damage"

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

Well Guys i hope you liked the tips.



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