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To encourage characters in Cyber Monster II to join the events, players who meet a certain requirements can get prizes.


Join events and complete goals to get Achievement.

Players have to complete a certain times to get prizes.

The more times you complete, the better prizes you'll get.

Achievement List:

Achievement Type


Bahamut Killer

(Kill Bahamut)

Wavebreaker Summoner (1 Completion);

Sea Monster Summoner (5 Completions);

Dragon Ring (20 Completions).

I love turnips

(Winner of Turnip Match)

Big Crystal Bag (1 Completion);

Super Potential Card (7 Completions);

King of Turnips (15 Completions).

Run Run Master

Win the Wager with more than 6 bets

Small Crystal Bag (10 Completions);

Big Crystal Bag (20 Completions);

Big Crystal Bag (50 Completions).

Pet Breeder

(Add Pet Slots>)

Small Crystal Bag (10 Completions);

Big Crystal Bag (20 Completions);

Pet Potion Bag (40 Completions).

Love or Cheater

(Marriage Times)

Philosopher's Stone*50 (1 Completion);

Rename Card (2 Completions);

True Love (4 Completions).

You're a nice person

(Proposal Rejected)

Proposal Token (1 Completion);

Horn Bag (10 Completions);

Affection Ring (99 Completions).

Waistband Lover

(Prize for Duel)

Horn (1 Completion);

Whole Horn Bag (10 Completions);

Philosopher's Stone*50 (99 Completions).



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