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Cyber Monster II takes place hundreds of years after the events of the original game. After the new peace of the Nezor continent is shattered by the return of powerful dragons, players must band together and combine their skills before the flying beasts reach the inner cities. The sequel promises new game mechanics based on the latest browser-based technologies, with vibrant new graphics delivering an eye-popping experience that expands on the original Cyber Monster adventure.

You choose your class between warrior, mage, cleric, or ranger, and quest through the land, seeking to stop the evil of the Shadow Dragon. Along the way, you can collect a variety of pets and mounts that will help you throughout the game. In addition to leveling up your character, you can also be promoted, which provides a weekly reward. Daily events and a variety of options give you something to do quickly if you don’t have much play time as well.

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Players will battling and collecting unique monsters as they progress. Once captured these unique monsters can be upgraded and fight alongside the player in turn based combat.

No one wants to fight on their own when it comes to saving fantasy worlds from impending doom. That’s why in Cyber Monster 2, you can recruit more than just one character and send your own band of venturesome heroes into battle. They not only possess superhuman powers and overwhelm their opponents with arcane magic, but can fall back on certain skills that will turn the tide of the battle. It’s important to know your champions, use their strengths to your advantage and keep an eye on their weaknesses in this free online game. What's the best way to keep everyone safe? Send steel armored knights to the front and keep casters at a safe distance from enemies. Your spell-slinging enchanters might look weak at first glance, but they are a serious force to be reckoned with.

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Speaking of equipment - life in Cyber Monster 2 is far from easy. You never know what’s behind the next corner: It might only be one vengeful thief that wants to rob you of your belongings, but it could also be a fiery dragon. Nothing you have to go up against in this fantasy MMORPG can defeat you, as long as you keep your chars decked out in magically imbued items. Regular armor pieces such as chain vambraces or leather greaves can be found on merchants or in treasure chests as you make your way through the online title. Keep those safely tucked away until you find enough resources (such as elements or dragon blood) to upgrade their quality and enhance their attributes.

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Cyber Monster 2 offers players several ways to interact with other gaming enthusiasts. Feel free to join forces with other heroes, whether that is in the form of guilds, alliances or in the bond of holy matrimony. Yes, you read that right: Should you meet someone you immediately hit it off with in this free-to-play online game, then don’t hesitate to propose and turn your significant other into your partner in both life and eternal combat.



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