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Cultures Online

Here is a brief introduction to Cultures Online. If you just start this game, then just have a rest and check below to learn more about the game.

Character Classes

The Warrior

The warrior is specialized in battle with a single-hand weapon and a shield.

He is very dexterous and can take a lot of damage, but doesn't cause as much damage as other heroes might.

Warriors are best off working as a lumberjack while they're at home.

The Berserker

The berserker is a crazed Viking who relies on his massive two-handed weapons.

He needs a lot of strength to be able to wield such a heavy weapon.

Berserkers are best off working in the quarry when not off pillaging.

The Ranger

A ranger uses long-range weapons to defeat his opponents before they can even reach him.

To make the best use of these weapons, the ranger needs to be very intelligent.

Rangers are best off researching in the alchemist's workshop when not off on expedition.


1. Constructing Buildings

Left-click a building site to open the building menu on the left side of the screen. Here you can choose which building you would like to build. In order to build a building, you will need to have enough raw materials in your warehouse. If this is not the case, then the material you need more of will be displayed in red.

2. Gathering Resources

In order to gather resources, the hero needs to be in the building that corresponds to that raw material (you can't chop wood in the stone quarry, for example). Once a building has been expanded, more than one hero can work in it at a time.

There are two ways to assign a hero to a building:

a. Double-click on the building to open its menu. Then just drag & drop your hero into a slot to place him or her in the building.

b. In your village, you can just drag & drop a hero into a building to assign them to it without having to open the building menu.

3. Research

If you want to conduct research, you'll need to build an alchemist's workshop. You can open the research menu by double-clicking the alchemist's workshop. There you can use ideas to conduct research. Your research is done right away. In order to have ideas, you'll need to send a hero to the alchemist's workshop to conduct research (follow the instructions for gathering resources).

4. Expeditions

An expedition can be started either by clicking on the ship in the village or by clicking the expedition button (the button that looks like a Viking ship in the top right corner of the screen). This will take you to the expedition map.

Once there, you can choose the destination of your expedition. Keep in mind that completing story quests will unlock new areas to explore. Next to the name of the area is a button: it will either be red or gray. Grayed-out areas cannot be reached until you expand your shipyard.

If you click on a red area marker, the area map will open. There you will see two quests. Random quests are marked with a question mark. These are continually generated randomly. Quests marked with a map scroll are story quests. These tend to be more difficult than random quests but are rewarded more generously.

5. Character Menu

Double-clicking on a hero's portrait will open the character menu. Here you can distribute attribute points, check the hero's inventory, or review the effects of attribute points.

6. The Blacksmith

The blacksmith can help you enhance your weapons and shields. An item can be enhanced up to five times. In order to enhance an item, you will need to build a smithy. Then you can drag the item onto the anvil. The chance of success is displayed in the area below the anvil. You can give the blacksmith shiny gemstones to increase the chances of success. There are only two possible results when enhancing items:

a. Erfolg: Success: The item has been enhanced. An item can be enhanced up to five times.

b. Fehlschlag: The item has not been enhanced. The attempt was unsuccessful.

Leveling up

Each time one of your heroes reaches 100% in his or her current level, the hero will automatically level up. The hero's current level can be seen under the hero's portrait. If you double-click the hero's portrait, the character window will open. In that window, you can see the hero's progress. This is displayed in the bar under the character's portrait. To the right of the portrait you can see the hero's attributes. Each time the hero levels up, you will receive attribute points that you can distribute as you see fit. You can also receive attribute points for a specific attribute by sending your heroes to work.



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