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Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is a Free to Play Browser Game (MMORPG) set in a fantasy world that offers 5 classes each with unique talent paths.

While Crystal Saga offers very little in the way of true innovation, it manages to offer a genuine MMORPG experience within the confines of an Internet browser, and as such, can be enjoyed effortlessly anytime, anywhere.

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Character creation is simple: there are five classes, the Knight, Rogue, Priest, Mage and Ranger, and customization is restricted to a choice of portrait. Limiting? Very. But again, this can be played without a download. Within those confines alone, this is quite impressive.

Gameplay is also very traditional, in that progression is fuelled entirely by linear quest progression that, with the help of auto-navigation, requires about the same amount of mental input as is required when making a cup of coffee at 5AM. Quest variety is again very traditional: the vast majority requiring little more than 'kill x of y' or 'talk to that guy about this'.

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Adding insult to injury, Crystal Saga also offers auto-combat scenarios that, quite literally, allow you to AFK and continue to grind for experience. You can set up parameters like when to use potions and the game with play itself.

And on a normal day, I'd be against it all. But again, this is a browser MMORPG. Things are different here. While normally I'd consider a feature like AFK leveling to be heresy, perhaps it does have a place in this new fast-paced, casual browser world. I can see myself getting used to the idea if I'm playing at work; play a bit, alt-tab for a meeting, but the leveling continues and when I get back it's as though I never left.

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