Crystal Saga Guide: Wishing Well

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Here is a guide about the Wishing Well in Crystal Saga. If you still don't know much about this feature, just check below to get the information you may need. Thank Binette who posted it on

Wishing well at starglade

Require to be lvl 30!

[Starglade(X:160 Y:101)]

Here it is

Crystal Saga Screenshot

First of you will need those!

Crystal Saga Screenshot

They can be found on [Elite] monster.

Use 15 silver coin to turn them onto Lucky coin

Crystal Saga Screenshot

You can have only 5 try per day...
Each try will ask you more Lucky coin..

1st: 3 lucky coin
2nd: 6 lucky coin
3rd: 9 lucky coin
4th: 12 lucky coin
5th: 15 lucky coin

Here are reward you can get:

Random number of Ancient coin (1-8 coin)
Random number of lucky coin (1-6 coin)

Title Shard (Used at the well to get some rare title)

2x offline exp token.

Bronze or silver honor medals (used to buy pvp armor, item and insigna at General Kharn)

Hornor fruit (give +50 honor point)

Blessed stone (Heal 33% hp and mp with at 15sec cooldown)

Also can give a random lvl 2 pet skills book

Mount upgrade token

Heroic wings

Pet xp ball (give lvl based xp to your pet)

Afk card

Refining capsule



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