Crystal Saga Guide: Using Coupons

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This guide is for those people who don't know how to use the "Coupons" in Crystal Saga. Thank C4POT3 who posted this guide in

Crystal Saga Screenshot

So this is a way to get Coupons...

Press the "Y" bouton or the Cart on the left of the map .

Use your coupon to buy the master hammer to repair ALL off your equipements

Crystal Saga Screenshot

After this, you can use coupon if you have low life to buy Healing orbs. (gives you full HP)

If low in energie, i tell you to buy mana Orbs (full MP)

Try to collect at least 800 coupons (400 hours )

buy alot of 1.5 exp to level up faster killing mobs or elite mobs ... also go see the event master to have a 1 hour 2x exp token

if your pet is low in loyalty, buy growth food you upgrade 10+ (in loyalty)

Also buy pet token to level up:

Buy the AFK Cards to maybe (if your smart to level up faster ) buy alot of AFK cards ( atleast 24) for 24 hours or make it 24x7 AFK cards .

when in night, before going to bed, just activate all the AFK cards and leave it there (i actually don't ask permission for that )



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