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This is a guide about Crystal Saga's Sengolia made by Asutsuo from If you have any trouble in Sengolia, just check below:

Now then, this is Sengolia's map.

Crystal Saga Screenshot

I know the map is from the Spirit's side, but that's just because that's the team I was on. These plans I have are for both sides. To begin, here is the usual path both teams take:

Crystal Saga Screenshot

The solid lines represent the usual routes while the dotted lines are the paths some individuals take. At first, this looks rather simple. Next here's the map with just the usual routes.

Crystal Saga Screenshot

The slashes you see are where the teams regroup before attacking. Thanks to NinjaEffect and Memories for this info. At first glance, it's still looks simple.

Crystal Saga Screenshot

But here are the lengths between regroup and attack. As you can see, Red is closer to the crystal when they regroup. This makes it easier for them to attack in a large group, as there aren't as many stragglers trying to catch up. For Blue, there's a simple solution to this one problem.

Crystal Saga Screenshot

Move the regroup spot here. That will even the playing field between the two teams. But this alone is not enough for victory on either side. For you see, regrouping is very tricky. People rarely listen and will attack head-on regardless. This is why players such as Smallslol and Kamy, as well as Memories and NinjaEffect, are essential for this attack to work at its full potential. Of course, Zakumo is another person that people tend to listen to.

Crystal Saga Screenshot

These routes are a possibility. They abandon all defense and go for just Blue attacking Red and Red attacking Blue. This is perhaps the simplest form of battle possible. That's because with zero defense, it all depends on which team can dish out the most DPS (damage per second). Whichever team has the highest DPS wins. But people still like defense, so this plan would rarely work properly. So to combat the defenses, there is a rather obvious course of action to take.

Crystal Saga Screenshot

Simply put, this is called a pincer attack. Where you strike multiple sides at roughly the same time. This tactic puts a heavy strain on defense, making it nearly impossible to perfectly defend the crystal from all sides. Here's the pincer map for Red:

Crystal Saga Screenshot

Now, these tactics are great and all, but require a large amount of people. Which leaves little for defense, right? Well, what if there was a defense tactic that only required eight people?

Crystal Saga Screenshot

Yes, I'm a terrible artist. That's not the point. The crystal, marked C, is being surrounded by a diamond made of eight people. T represents Tankers, Ro is Rogue, Ra is Ranger, and M is Mage / Priest. The above is but one possible set-up. You could have all mages or all tankers defending. The point of this formation is that there are no blind spots. You can't sneak up on this formation, and if you're a Rogue, you can't stealth into the AoE (Area of Effect) without being found. While it can be broken through, it won't take much effort for the other defenders to quickly attack the intruder. This minimizes damage the crystal takes. This formation can also work well with healers as all the defenders are close together.

With this, only eight people are needed for defense while the rest can rush the crystal. Then by using the pincer attack method, this diamond defense can crumble if the pincer attack is done correctly. How is it done correctly against the diamond? Simple, while two branches of the pincer attack strike the sides of the diamond, the third branch strikes head-on right into the crystal. Doing this can shatter the diamond defense as long as reinforcements don't spawn. If there's about 25 people per team, 17 of them can rush the crystal while the rest defend. There'd be no over-defending or under-defending. It would all rely on how strong the attackers are.

Finally, one observation I made while accompanying a regroup squad. They wait too long. A big group is nice, but takes far too much time to put together. So it's my opinion that regroup squads should be 4-5 people max. Yes, that may be a small number, but if used with a three branch pincer attack, you can have 15 people attacking at once.

I hope you've understood all that's been said, and I am open for comments and suggestions.



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