Crystal Saga Guide: Overpowered Scion and Eidolon Skill

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With the release of Crystal Saga rebirth system becoming available in Crystal Saga. Choosing the correct skill for your powerful rebirthed Scion characters can be quite hard. Below are some thoughts and guides to help you make the best decision to pick and level up the Crystal Saga Scion Skills in game. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out our other Crystal Saga guides.

Crystal Saga Scion Knight

Scion Knight:

1. Bloodlust. 8 levels of upgrade. Cannot be learned with shield of thorns at the same time.
Allows you to suck a certain percentage of HP away from targets During battle.
Vampire coefficient: 1% at lvl 1. Increases by 2% per lvl so probably 15% at lvl 8.

This is a strong skill given that you can do great damage with it. With high HP, the skill is even more powerful because it can act as your emergency potion when priests cannot heal you on time. With 120k+ HP, you can deal roughly 18k damage. The damage that your knight can absorb can pretty much cover the amount of health that the priest can heal you for.

2. Shield of thorns. 8 lvls of upgrade.
Deals damage based on targets max HP when being attacked. Permanent.
Max HP: 2%
Additional rebound damage: 8 at lvl 1. Max rebound: 88.
Additional rebound damage: 16 at lvl 2. Max rebound: 186.

This skill is less useful than the shield of thorns. However, because it is a prereq skill for Angelic blessing, it is useful simply because Angelic blessing is an overpowered skill for a tank to achieve invincibility. In terms of the rebound damage, the damage output is pretty weak for a scion skill.

Eidolon Knight:

1. Fight on. 6 upgrade levels. 16 seconds cooldown. Bloodlust prereq.
Attacks neighboring targets every seconds for 10 secs. Deals physical damage and ignore target defenses.
Attack rate : 14% at lvl 1. 24% at lvl 6.
Additional damage dealt: 19 at lvl 1. greater than 169 at lvl 6 if it continues to increase at same rate than lvl 2.

This is a decent attack skill for high level characters with buffed equipment. The AoE skill can make the Eidolon knight a great force to be reckoned with while tanking the mobs. A high level with angel lord wings can achieve upwards of 7k damage, which equates to 1.6k damage per second. This skill tree is meant for knight who want to take on a more damage dealer role.

2. Angelic blessing. 6 levels of upgrade. 30 seconds cooldown. shield of thorns prerequisite.
Causes you to be invinsible for a period of time but also decrease your attack power.
Invinsibility time: 5 secs at lvl 1. 7.5 at lvl 6.
Attack lowered: 35%. 10% at lvl 6.

As a tanking knight, you want the invincibility to be able to take on any damage output possible. Sometimes the ability to get out of center of damage unharmed is the way to go. When you have the invincibility status available, your priests can look after other characters in your team. This skill is one of the strongest and overpowered skill for rebirth character in Crystal Saga.

Crystal Saga Scion Rogue

Scion Rogue:

1. Quick death. 8 lvls of upgrade. Not learneable alongside blade dance. Cast time: 2 secs. Cooldown: 15 secs.
Deals physical damage to a single target 10 times in 2 secs; during attacks target’s mobility is impaired.
Attack coefficient: 50% at lvl 1. 64% at lvl 8.
Additional attack: 40 at lvl 1. greater than 516 at lvl 8.

Good skill. Better skill than blade dance because of its higher potential damage output. In addition it can slow down and trap enemies which make them easier kills. You want to train this skill over Blade Dance. However, because Blade dance is a prereq to the stronger Eidolon skill, you should end up picking Blade Dance over Quick death.

2. Blade dance. 8 lvls of upgrade. Not learneable alongside quick death.
Deals bonus damage for each amount of damage dealt over 12 seconds; damage will be equal to 3% of target’s max HP.
Max dealable damage: 120 at lvl 1. greater than 1065 at lvl 8.

A nice skill u do 1k more damage at level 8 for your attacks over the time duration. However, you should pick this skill to unlock Devoid which is the strongest damage output Crystal Saga skill in game.

Eidolon Rogue:

1. Invisibility. 6 lvls of upgrade. must have learned quick death. Cooldown: 1 minute at lvl 1. 35 seconds at lvl 6.
Briefly takes you out of battle and makes you invincible for 1 sec, while increasing a certain amount of pattack. Lasts 10 secs.
Attack increase: 5% at lvl 1. 30% at lvl 6.

This skill can help you out of tough situations by granting you invincibility. However, as a main damage dealer, you would want Devoid skill over Invisibility.

2. Devoid. 6 lvls of upgrade. must have learned blade dance.
Cooldown: 20 secs.
Only useable when HP is lower than 30%. Deals a certain amount of physical damage to a single target, with a chance for instant kill.
Attack: 180% at lvl 1. 205% at lvl 6. Bonus attack: 237 at lvl 1. Greater than 2047 at lvl 6.
Instant kill ratio: 5% at lvl 1. 20% at lvl 6.

This is the best skills for rogues. The instant kill chance can let you kill the strongest Crystal Saga knight that you may face in game. In addition, the damage output bonus is by far the most powerful than any skills. Use this Devoid skill to instantly take out any opponents. With already high critical attack chances, devoid is the strongest powerful skill for rebirth rogue in crystal Saga.

Crystal Saga Scion Priest

Scion Priest:

1. Heavenly protection. 8 lvls of upgrade. Not learneable alongside death cometh. Cooldown: 30 seconds.
Give an attribute boost to all friendlies in the area, last 30 minutes.
Proportional increase: 5% at lvl 1. 40% at lvl 8. Bonus: 25 at lvl 1. greater than 200 at lvl 8.

The best awakening skill for Rebirth Crystal Saga priests. Although its buff power is weaker than the Circle of Power, but because this buff increases all stats, this makes it a strong buff when you are playing with a team of higher level players.

2. Death cometh. 8 lvls of upgrade. Cannot be learned concurently with heavenly protection.
Cooldown: 30 seconds. Skill cost: 10% HP. Takes a certain amount of damage dealt and converts it into HP regen.
Conversion rate: 5% at lvl 1. 40% at lvl 8.Lasts 6.5 secs at lvl 1. 10 secs at lvl 8.

Becareful when you use this skill, because the stronger you are, the more potential that this skill has with killing yourself.

Eidolon Priest:

1. Sacred space. 6 lvls of upgrade. must have learned heavenly protection.
Cast time: 10 secs.Cooldown: 10 secs. Restore HP to all surrounding friendlies once every 2 seconds. Last a maximum of 10 seconds.
Healing: 150% at lvl 1. 175% at lvl 6. Bonus HP: 238 at lvl 1. greater than 2318 at lvl 6.

This skill is only useful when there are multiple priests healing the team. Because of the high cast time, this makes the healing skill not attractive. However, with the potential of high amount of heal offered, this skill may turn the tide of battles given that the second healer can pick up the tab while you are casting Sacred Space in Crystal Saga as a Eidolon priest.

2. Blooody acres. 6 lvls of upgrade. must have learned death cometh.
Cooldoown: 30 secs. Sicles spring up from the ground and all surround targets are detained in their midst.
Lasts for 8 seconds.

This skill makes your damage dealer priest more options as a debuff support in a team battle situation. However, this skill is not good because it does not offer any additional damage dealing ability to the bloodpriest build.



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