Crystal Saga Guide: Items Used to Upgrade Mounts, Wings and Pets

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In Crystal Saga, upgrading your mounts, wings and pets is very important. If you are looking for the best way to upgrade them, just read the guide below. Here are the items used to upgrade them. Thank Armada who posted it on

1. Morph Crystal

Crystal Saga: Morph Crystal

used to upgrade you Pet, obtained through Daily Hunt, after your 5th and 10th daily completion of this quest ,you will ahve a chance to receive a Morph Crystal.

2. Heroic Wings

Crystal Saga: Heroic Wings

used to upgrade your Wings, obtained through Dungeons, after you defeat Boss, who will drop

3.Mount Upgrade Token

Crystal Saga: Mount Upgrade Token

used to upgrade your Mount, obtained through Dungeon, after you killed Boss, who will drop.

Tips: Besides, you could also buy all of them in Shop

Below are image for details:

Crystal Saga Screenshot

Crystal Saga Screenshot

Crystal Saga Screenshot



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