Crystal Saga:In-game Activities and Daily Events Wrap-up

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Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga In-Game Activities!

The following in-game activities will always be available!


1 What's In The Box?

uration: Always
Server: All
Description: Stay logged into Crystal Saga and receive free mystery gifts periodically! Click ’Claim‘ under the gift box you see located in the top, right-hand corner of your screen to receive fabulous prizes!
Prizes: These wouldn't be mystery gifts if we told you what was inside, now would they?

2 I Can Has Bear?

Duration: Always
Description: Click the Facebook 'Like' button towards the top right-hand corner of your screen to join the official Crystal Saga fans page and receive a free ultra-rare Boxing Bear pet! Once you have liked Crystal Saga proceed to the Eventmaster in Starglade to claim your prize!

  • 1x Boxing Bear (Pet)

3 Never Give Up!

Duration: Always
Server: All
Description: Leveling up in Crystal Saga is not meant to be a boring task, and we here at R2Games want to make sure you have what you need to succeed in the world of Vidalia. For every 10 levels you attain up to level 50, you will be given a free gift pack, with a combined value in the hundreds of dollars!

  • Level 1 Starter Pack - 2x Elixir of Thorns, 2x Elixir of Striking
  • Level 10 Starter Pack - 1x Chipped Gem Coupon, 1x Vault Expander, 2x 1.5x Experience Token, 2x Growth Food, 2x Refresher Manual, 7x Shield Cache Shard
  • Level 20 Starter Pack - 2x Super Elixir of Vitality, 10x Lvl 20 Super Pet Taming Scroll, 2x Double Drop Rune, 5x Refresher Manual
  • Level 30 Starter Pack - 2x Maturity Whip, 10x Instant Town Portal Scroll, 1x Refresher Manual, 1x Health Orb, 1x Mana Orb, 2x Super Elixir of Striking
  • Level 40 Starter Pack - 1x Rebirth Ginseng, 2x Triple Pet Experience Token, 1x Shining Gem Coupon, 1x Training Potion, 7x Accessory Cache Shard
  • Level 50 Starter Pack - 2x Triple Pet Experience Token, 1x Excellent Gem Coupon, 5x Super Elixir of Striking, 7x Weapons Cache Shard

4 Daily Sign In

Duration: Always
Server: All
Description: Sign in at the Event Master in Starglade or Tyria Village for 3, 6, 9, 11, and 15 consecutive days to receive free gifts!

    • 3 Days: 1x Double Experience Token
    • 6 Days: 1x 1 Hour AFK Card, 1x Maturity Whip
    • 9 Days: 1x Double Drop Rune
    • 11 Days: 1x Mana Orb
    • 15 Days: 1x Health Orb, 1x Pack Expander

    5 Luck of the Draw

    Duration: Always
    Server: All
    Description: Receive one free Green Dragon Coin ever day upon logging in. Use your Dragon Coin to try your luck in the Crystal Saga dragon hunt, where you may win many fabulous prizes, including some incredibly rare two-person mounts!
    Prizes: The prizes for this contest will be determined by lady luck!



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