Crystal Saga Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

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Player and World Related Questions

What is a Bonfire?

Bonfires are random "drops" from enemies. Just being near a bonfire gives you EXP every 3 seconds! The EXP gained is based on your level.

How do I Change Channels?

At the top left of your minimap is a small "L#". Click that, and a drop down menu opens. Pick the instance you want, and enter!

Some places have more than 5 instances (Monster Island East, is one example), and some have less (Monster Island West). Some only have one instance! These are usually dungeons / pvp battle grounds, and the like.

Do I need to be in the same Instance as my party when entering a dungeon?

Popular to contrary belief, you DO NOT need to be in the same instance. Because of what I said above, your party's dungeon only has one instance. If you enter from L4, and your party mates enter from L2, you'll all end up in L1 anyway!

How do I reset my skills? When do I get a free skill reset? The game said I get a chance to reset my skills soon!

You have to use an item called Sands of Time.

Popular to contrary belief, you DO NOT get a free skill reset at Level 40 from your Level 40 Pack. The only way to get Skill Resets are from Dragon Hunts, the Cash Shop, or via other players who are selling it.

How do I link my co-ordinates in chat?

Look at the minimap at your top right. In the bottom-left corner of the minimap are coordinates. Click them.

How do I link items into chat?

Hold down Control (Ctrl) on your keyboard, and left click the item.



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