Crystal Saga Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

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Pet Related Questions

How do I catch Pet?

You can only catch pets on Monster Island. You go through a tutorial on how to do it, but if you forget here's a small reference.

  1. Talk to a "Beastmaster" NPC in a town. Click "Tame Pet", and travel to the appropriate Island where the pet you want to catch is found.
  2. Make sure you have some Pet Scrolls on you of the appropriate Level! You cannot use say, Level 20 scrolls on a level 10 pet. They must be the right scrolls. (Don't waste money and time, get the right one!)
  3. Use it on an enemy on the Island. If you succeed, you tame the pet! (Weakening monsters offers a better chance of taming them.)

Why can't I catch Pet? I want one!

Are you the right level? Do you have the right level Pet Scrolls? Remember, you need to be using Scrolls that are equal to the pet you want to catch, as well as you need to be the same level or higher as the pet you want to catch.

What are Baby/Morphed Pets, and how do I get one?

Baby Pets start at level 1, meaning they have more chances to gain stats based on their aptitudes. They also have more levels to gain, meaning more chances at learning a skill.

Morphed Pets are pets that look different, tend to have better chances to learn skills, and have inherently higher aptitudes than regular pets.

What is Aptitude? What is Maturity?

Maturity determines how much stats a pet will gain upon levelling. Aptitude determines how those points will be allocated.

Do Baby/Morphed pets spawn with that in their name?


Baby Pets will look the same as the regular monster, but have "Baby "

Morphed Pets will look different, as well as having "Morphed "

I liked the game on Facebook, but I don't have my Boxing Bear Pet?

Whoa now, calm down. Just because liking the game appears on your Facebook instantly, doesn't mean your pet will. The game servers need time to validate the fact that yes, you did in deed like the game on Facebook.

After a while, a quest will appear in your chatlog to turn in to an NPC in Starglade (which one right now eludes me). Turn that quest in once you get it, and you get your Boxing Bear!

OMG I opened Baby Angel/Baby Devil/Fire Lord/Teeka Eggs and it didn't hatch?

Yes, that's because if you read the tooltip, it says that there's a CHANCE of the pet hatching. That means you won't always get a pet from an egg.



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