Crystal Saga Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

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PVP Related Questions

How do I enter PvP Mode?

First off, look up by your character portrait in the top left corner. There will be 1 of 5 words beside your name: Peace, Justice, Evil, Party, or Guild.

Click on this word to change what mode you're in. (Note: You can only attack other players once you are above Level 20, and your targets must be Level 20+ as well)

Each Mode has a different group of people you can attack.

  • Peace Mode means you can't hit anyone. You can still be attacked by Evil Players.
  • Justice Mode means you can ONLY hit players with Red Names. Players with White Names that are in Evil Mode cannot be attacked, they must have Red Names. (This is self-tested, I may have just accidentally derped, although I'm pretty sure this is the case.)
  • Evil Mode means you can hit anyone.
  • Guild Mode means you can hit everyone that IS NOT in your guild. This includes White Names or Red Names. Party Mode means you can hit everyone that IS NOT in your party. This includes White Names or Red Names.

Help, I PK'ed someone and I have a Red Name! How do I get rid of it?

Check your Character Panel by hitting "C", or clicking the first icon from the left on your hotbar. The "PK Level" shown is how long you have to wait for your red name to go away. 1 PK Level = 1 Hour of waiting



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