Crystal Saga Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

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Crystal Saga

Did you ever meet any problem in Crystal Saga? Take it easy, since everyone may meet some problem in game. Here is the solution to them. Just check below.

Common Questions

Question 1: How do people get VIP status? It says i'm VIP but i dont see it?

Answer: Click on the "Giftbox" icon next to minimap, it should state your VIP level. You cant see you VIP status on you, but other people can.

Question 2: Can you reset skills? How do you reset skills?

Answer: Buy the items "Sands of Time" from the item mall.

Question 3: Can you reset your attributes? How do i reset my attributes?

Answer: Buy the Attribute Reset Card from Item Mall.

Question 4: Where do you get wings? How do i get wings?

Answer: Complete the level 20 quest.

Question 5: I'm being attacked by another player, why cant i attack back? How do i attack someone else?

Answer: On the top left of screen, click on peace and change to Justice to kill PK'ers(red names) or evil to kill anyone.

Question 6: I have a socketing rod, how do i use it? How do i put sockets in my equip?

Answer: Press B and go to your inventory. On the right side will be a "Socket" button. Click it. (:

Question 7: I saw someone with a +5 weapon, how do i upgrade mine?

Answer: Press B and open your bag. Then click on on Enchant button on the right side. You use Sacred Enchantment Crystals(in Item mall) or Magic Dusts(from elite mobs and bosses) to enchant.

Question 8: I have wing's but i dont know how to upgrade them, can you tell me how?

Answer: You use the item Heroic Wings from the item mall to upgrade your wings. Press "J" to open the wings interface.

Question 9: In the Item Mall, there is a section to buy stuff for coupons. Where do i get these coupons?

Answer: You get 2 coupons for every hour your online. I also believe you get coupons for collecting your daily salary(Squire rank or above) from King Valcroy. Click the giftbox icon next to minimap for the hourly coupons.

Question 10: It says i can do a level 25 dungeon? Where is it?

Answer: The level 25 dungeon, Indigo Blight, can be found in Himeng Valley by talking to the dream guy in the middle of the map.

Question 11: If there's a level 25 dungeon, is there any higher level dungeons? If so then where?

Answer: There's a level 30 dungeon called Revenant's Vault, It can be found in the Twilight Caverns, which is in the Kaymo Mountians.

Question 12: What does crystal essence do? I cant seem to figure out what to do with it.

Answer: From what i understand, as of right now, it has no use(Alpha Stage). Wait until game goes live.

Question 13: I see people riding around on Panther's and Scorpions, why am i stuck with a turtle?

Answer: You need to purchase Mount Upgrade Tokens from the Item Mall. After that Press "N" to open the mount interface. Click on your mount and click transform.

Question 14: I ran out of quests but i dont know where to level up at. So where do i go?

Answer: If you click the "W" button under the mini-map it will open the World Map, and it will display the level ranges of the monsters in every area. Kill monsters 5 levels higher than you for max exp(this was gotten from a tip off loading screens)

Question 15: How do you make a guild? where do you make one?

Answer: Currently, it costs 20 gold to make a guild. If you go to Starglade and press "M" to open the map, click on the "Guild Management Officers" name and it will route you to him.

Question 16: Is there a rankings? How do i see them?

Answer: If you click the "Trophy" button beside the mini-map, it will open the rankings, i do not know when they refresh though.



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