Crystal Saga Guide: Collection of Daily Event

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Crystal Saga

How many daily events you know in the Crystal Saga? Do you know the special function about bonfires and lucky star? If you don't know, you will miss some lucky reward. Read this guide, get some more experience and reward easily in the game.

The Sengolia

Event Date: Unlimited

Battleground Time: 3:00 - 4:00 P.M. and 7:00-8:00 P. M. Server time

Battleground Details: Whether you come out as a spirit or demon, your fate is set. Fight with your team to destroy your opponent’s crystal

Event NPC: Battlemaster – Starglade

Crystal Saga Screenshot


Crystal Saga Screenshot

Battleground Magic Tower

Crystal Saga Screenshot

Battleground Guard

Crystal Saga Screenshot

How to win: Destroy the opposing team’s Crystal of Life

Battleground Rewards:

Upon completion of the battle visit the Spirit or Demon Captain to claim your reward

All Participants (5+points):

80 Honor

Bronze Honor Badge x 10

Level-Based EXP

Bonus Reward:

Kill the opposing team’s players to receive honor.

Destroy the opposing team’s towers and your entire team will receive EXP based on their current character level.

Receive Silver Honor Badges based on your point score.

The Winning team will receive and additional Bronze Honor Badge x 10.

Honor Badges may be turned into General Krahn in Starglade to exchange for PvP equipment.

Battleground Restrictions: Fair Competition Buff, No Mounts, No Pets

Reminder: You will be kicked from the Battleground if you go AFK for more than 3 minutes!



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