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In this guide, we will go over all the details on how the Goddess system works. This guide will help you under how and why you should take advantage of the Crystal Saga Blessing system.

Getting and Upgrading Goddess Faith Belief

You can get your first Goddess belief when you reach level 40+. Different Goddess believes let you offer or "sell" different kinds of blessing to the players. Once you reach level 40, go to Wishing Well in Starglade to select the Goddess that you wish to follow.

To upgrade your Goddess Belief, go into the Goddess belief icon to start upgrading. However, this feature is more geared toward Cash players because you need Crystal and Loyalty points to upgrade your belief level.

Goddess Types and Their Blessing Buffs

The various blessing buffs is dependable on the level that you have upgraded it to. Depending on your class, you may want to get the blessings that your team mates may need because you can only offer blessing to another player.

Goddess of War, Victoria
PATK +30%
MATK +30%
Strength +60%
Intellect +60%
Luck +25
EXP +30%

Goddess of Glory, Gloriana
Critical Strike Chance +15%
Crit Damage +50
Armor Penetration +25
Attack Speed +50%
Dodge +15%

Goddess of Dawn, Aurora
PDEF +30%
MDEF +30%
Physical Damage Reduction +12%
Magic Damage Reduction +12%
Max HP +15%
Healing +30%

Goddess Faith Tier

Like your other skills in Crystal Saga. The Goddess blessing has a couple of blessing tiers. You can only unlock the buff bless in the next tier when you have obtained level 5 blessings in the tier before.

1. Goddess's Servant
2. Goddess's Votary
3. Goddess's Devotee

Upgrading Your Crystal Saga Goddess Blessing Level

To upgrade your blessing skills, you will need both Loyalty points and the crystals. The loyal points ca be earned in the following ways:

1. 1 Loyalty points are awarded every 15 minutes of online time.
2. Loyalty points can be purchased through the following items in the Goddess shop. The goddess shop can be accessed via the Crystal Saga Wishing Well in Starglade. From here you can see that these Goddess Blessing loyalty items have the same crystal to loyalty points ratio. This means that higher cost items are the same deal as the lower crystal ones.

Holy Book – Cost 5 Crystal for 2 Loyalty points
Holy Grail – Cost 10 Crystal for 4 loyalty points
Holy Relic – Cost 25 Crystal for 10 loyalty points
Holy Lance – Cost 125 Crystal for 50 loyalty points

How to Reset Goddess Blessing Faith

If you are not happy with the Goddess that you have chosen, you can reset your faith by using a Faith Reset Card bought in the item shop for 200 crystals. However we do not recommend this function because the Faith Reset will also reset your Loyalty points to zero.

Bless Trading and Charm Points

Now this part is where selling blessing to another player makes sense. Crystal Saga has introduced a new currency point named Charms. You will be able to buy and sell blessing buffs via Charms.

Charms can be obtained originally via buying of roses with Crystals. Roses are sold in the item shop for 10 crystals which grants you 10 Charm points. With charm points, you can then purchase the blessing buffs from another player.

The blessing buffs last 3 hours. To sell your blessing, select "Begin Blessing" in your Crystal Saga Goddess blessing menu. The minimum Charm cost for the blessing sold is equal to the minimum level that you have upgraded it to. This means that level 5 Blessing of Harmony must be sold at a minimum of 5 Charm points. In addition, as you level up your Crystal Saga Goddess Blessing ranking and skills such as Goddess's Devotee. The minimum cost can rise even further. This is Crystal Saga's way of controlling the prices of blessing buffs.

Purpose of Charm Points

There are two purposes for Charm points earned from Crystal Saga's new Goddess Blessing system. You can do the following trade at the Wishing Well as well. This is a good way for non cash players to earn Crystal Saga crystal points as long as they put in some initial investments.
10 Charms can be traded for 1 crystal
10 charms can be traded for 1 prestige points.

Crystal Saga Prestige Title System

With the prestige points that you earned from exchanging your charm points, you can have the following Prestige titles and stats bonuses. From this, you can see that by exchanging your charms for prestige points, you will earn some real game changing stats to fully power up your Crystal Saga hero.

99 Prestige points: Prestige Emergence
Max HP +10
Healing +10
PATK +10
MATK +10
PDEF +10
MDEF +10

999 Prestige points: Blossoming Prestige
Max HP +100
Healing +100
PATK +100
MATK +100
PDEF +100
MDEF +100

9999 Prestige points: Infinite Prestige
Max HP +1000
Healing +1000
PATK +1000
MATK +1000
PDEF +1000
MDEF +1000



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