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Demon Crusade is a new MMORPG that fuses everything good about Eastern and Western culture – with a devilish twist!

Demon Crusade's devilishly simple mechanics are designed from the ground up to make gameplay accessible and fun for all ages. Casual players will find a wealth of easily manageable gameplay options at their disposal, allowing them to handle complex tasks with just a few clicks and quickly propel their heroes through the ranks.

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Players train a variety of partners and take them on adventures, growing friendships and toppling epic bosses along the way. Equipment and partners are all bound to the player character, streamlining ranking so players can fully focus on Demon Crusade's intriguing quest lines and creative dungeons.

Players can choose from three character classes: the fierce Warrior, agile Gunner or wise Mage.

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The turn-based battles of Demon Crusade marry deep strategy with quick tactical thinking. This is where the friendships developed between heroes and partners is really put to work.

Players are given simple formations, such as the classic magic hexagram, to deploy their hero and up to 5 partners for battle. Diverse partner classes and their many options add layers of unpredictable strategy and fun, and players can try different combinations every time they enter the battle arena.

Each class comes with unique attributes, abilities and gear, and rich class settings encourage players of different types to team up and tackle Demon Crusade's challenges together.

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As the story unfolds, players will tame and recruit from a choice of over 40 unique demon partners, each with their own class and appearance. Train them up through branching skill trees, carefully consider battle formations, and players can soon put together a formidable team capable of protecting - and even dominating - the entire underworld.

Demon Crusade is a new MMOPRG coming soon to the online games portal.



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