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Criminal Connection is a brand new game offering a completely different experience with unique features, compared to the mainstream text-based games. Most of the "mafia" themed browser games are based on turns and refilling different forms of energy, such as "nerve and awake". You won't find this stuff in here. Also there is no time period between committing crimes and performing other actions. You do not have to stay logged in for countless hours just to keep up with the best players, although you will find many things to do in the game if you want to. What you need to succeed is an open mind, some creativity and being long-term oriented.

The key idea around which the game universe was built was economical balance and real-life realism. You cannot conquer the Criminal Connection world within a day. It all takes time and all your steps have to be carefully planned. You can focus either on building more character stats, or invest in businesses, or mix those two paths equally.

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Unlike most game owners, Criminal Connection's are very hands-on, they are also open to suggestions and have implemented many ideas already. They are also very proactive in developing new features and altering existing ones, in order to add to the experience of the players.

The battle system is unlike any other. The realism is important, that's why in order to attack someone, you first have to find them -they could be hiding in one of the many streets, shops and buildings. Also, being equipped with a weapon and armour gives you a huge advantage over your enemy; however most of the combats have a close result. You also only have a limited amount of space to carry weapons, armour and special items, so you have to decide the best way to defend yourself, whilst also having the necessary special items to get yourself out of potentially sticky situations.

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Other unique features of the game include:

  • University, where you can get degrees in several different fields, each having a unique bonus to help your character in the future.
  • Auctions, from hourly auctions with varying auction lots and currencies, to antique auctions and locker auctions which only deal in cash. The antique auctions offer a variety of pieces of jewellery in different conditions (which you can't see until you've bought the item), all of which affects the resale value. The locker auctions are again an unknown (unless you find a special item which allows you to see some of the contents), and could contain nothing or they could contain cars, special items, cash and lots more.
  • Jobs, there are many jobs available all with different experience requirements and pay, you start with a job with small pay and slowly work your way up the job ladder, the higher up you go the more rewarding the experience and the pay.
  • Morale, once you get 100% satisfaction you get a morale star, you can get up to 6 morale stars (or 7 if you buy the daily upgrade) and this will greatly improve your chances of killing people and winning races. Just like in real life, if you're not feeling 100% optimum, things are getting difficult for you.
  • Businesses, you can invest your hard earned cash by purchasing a variety of businesses, where you'll receive a regular source of income from. The businesses vary in cost, the higher the cost, the more income you receive.

There are many other features that haven't been mentioned, intentionally of course, so you'll have to come and join to check them out. Remember that this is a new game, it was launched on the beginning of August 2013, so the sooner you join the better your chances of becoming the best.

Some of the new features that are currently been worked on, which will be implemented in the coming weeks and months are: Family missions and drugs production, making your own weapons and armour, the stock exchange, an airport- which allows you to travel to other Cities to build your Global criminal empire, business extortion and damaging other peoples businesses as well as robbing (or at least attempting) the City bank.

There are also a variety of premium items which are purchased with credits, they include a limited supply or cars, weapons and items, some of them will only be available once. You can also purchase bribery cards to get you out of jail and premium days which offer a variety of benefits, including instant healing and additional upgrades.

The game has received a lot of positive feedback during 3 month Beta tests and it definitely has a lot of potential. It's not a one night game. It's a continuous effort to get your character to become the best Mafioso in the game. You may excel in one of over twenty different categories and statistics in the game.

Criminal Connection has big plans for the future. Active communication with the players and offering lots of promotions and seasonal giveaways is part of the plan. Check the game yourself at



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