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Crazy MOBA Online brings the popular genre into the browser realm with a free to play offering that runs off the Unity engine. If you want a multiplayer battle arena that you can start playing without having to download a large client this will be your best option.

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If you aren’t familiar with the MOBA genre, each game involves two teams of five players attempting to destroy each other’s base which occupy the bottom left and top right corner of the maps. Connecting these bases are three lanes which your character can travel across and attempt to make an attack on the enemy base. AI controlled minions will also periodically join you and walk aimlessly down each lane. To prevent a full assault the base is protected by a series of towers which must be destroyed first.

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The basic premise in a MOBA is that two teams of heroes are trying to destroy each other’s bases. There are usually tons of heroes to choose from and each one has a different set of stats and abilities. The field between the bases is divided into three lanes, and each team has defensive towers on their own half of each lane. Most MOBAs have minor units called creeps that constantly spawn and advance on the enemy’s base, usually falling to enemy creeps or towers. When heroes (player-controlled characters) kill creeps or other heroes, they are rewarded with experience and gold. Leveling up lets heroes boost their stats and improve their skills while gold can be used to purchase equipment. There’s some RPG progression with leveling and gear, but all progress is for that match only. Once a team has successfully destroyed all enemy towers in one of the three lanes, they can finally make attacks on the enemy base. It varies from game to game, but most MOBAs matches take between 40 and 60 minutes to finish.

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So: it’s fun and it’s worth playing as a standalone game. You have to consider the competition though. Crazy MOBA certainly isn’t better than existing MOBAs and it certainly isn’t cheaper either. CMO gives you 5 heroes and you have to unlock the rest by paying real money or spending in-game currency you earn slowly through gameplay. League of Legends admittedly uses a similar system, but both Dota 2 and Heroes of Newerth give you access to 100+ heroes for free. CMO doesn’t have to be the better game if it at least does some specific things better so it can attract players from certain niches. CMO’s niche is it’s browser-based play and I just don’t think it’s an important enough difference to attract many players. Maybe I’m wrong, but I can tell you right now, if CMO can’t attract players, it’s not going to be a fun game. Nobody wants to wait 30–60 minutes just to get into a game that’s going to take the just as long to play. My final verdict: Crazy MOBA Online is good, it’s just not good enough.



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