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Conquest of Thrones

Conquest of Thrones is a new MMORPG styled browser game being published by Now2Play and is currently in the Open Beta stage. What makes this game a bit more unique is that it uses a 3D engine similar to the Unity Engine we have seen for games like Battlestar Galactica Online. So this means that instead of the typical browser games which try to express what they want to accomplish through text or set animations for battle, you're given a closer to downloadable MMO in terms of quality. As for the games settings, it is set in an ancient and war torn country where players must pick their sides and fight in order to try to bring peace to the continent.

Building a Hero

The character creation in the game is fairly basic. You're given choices for your name, which nation you will represent, and the face you want. The amount of choices between the hair and faces do give you a decent amount to select from but it is fairly basic in that you cannot choose the individual hair color. So it is quite possible to find a twin easily in this game.

What is a bit unique however is that you do not pick a class. What they have instead of the whole class selection is specialty selections. What this means is, that there is four different weapon types in the game with their own skill trees. You get to choose which weapon type(s) you want to specialize in and get the bonuses/skills from. You can still use the other weapons, but without the specialization, you won't be able to use the skills from them. Also while you are able to specialize in more than one weapon type, the max amount of things you can specialize in is limited to four. So it is recommended that you use those for other things such as trade skills, or support spells. (Defense/Poison/Healing)

The game also does feature a stat based system in which you can shape your hero the way you want. Each stat affects multiple things such as hp, accuracy, critical, ect. Some of the stats also affect the same things but in different amounts. So you need to try to figure out your focus and how you want to build your character before diving too far in. Since if you do mess up in the build, you could essentially mess up your character and be picked off by people even several levels lower than you based off your choice, which I actually have done to some people in the arena and general pking.

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A world not so unique

Once you finally get out and explore the world, you will find something that may bug you bit. That the whole pretty much looks the same no matter where you go. See in the game you aren't exploring that much because to traverse from one area to the other is done on an overview map. You will see your gallant hero running or riding his horse along a set path to get to the area you wanted to get to that has recommended levels above them telling you if the dangers within are in your level rage. But once you get into the areas the towns and couple maps outside of them look almost like half the other ones. The only difference I have seen in some is that the NPCs placements are slightly different than the previous town. It is not too surprising since it is a browser game, but since you're loading the same textures anyhow, it would be nice if the towns had a bit more variety to them.

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Seems more casual

The game itself seems to be more aimed towards the casual player than a hardcore player. Though hardcore players may find a home in this game a lot of the needed features like collection of materials, the battle system, and the general gameplay of the game may steer them away.

As with most MMORPGs, there is a crafting system in the game to upgrade your gear and allow you to make things like medicine to help you in your journey, but the collection process for the items takes quite a bit of time. When you find yourself at a mine or other area, the collection process is automatic and what you get depends on the level of your trade skill and a bit of luck. But as I said, it is automatic, so basically you will be leaving the game running in an alternate tab and collects while you wait. More than a few times I have left the game on overnight collecting and still had to do it even more due to fail to upgrade the ore to a bar or just failing in upgrading an item and needing more ore for it. Let me try to illustrate how long it does take to collect. When you mine you get one of three types of ore, one being useless, one being what you probably need, and the last being what you may need later. After you collect you need to either click continue, or wait ten seconds for it to mine again if you're not a VIP member. Okay so now after hours you have a bunch of the ore you need and you need to go process it, and the item you need to upgrade needs two Iron bars. First you need to process your ore into ingots, an ingot is ten ore, and since iron is a lower class ore, you have 100% chance of it being turned into an ingot. Since that took ten ores for each ingot, your huge stack of ores is pretty much converted into a few ingots. Now you need to cast those ingots into Iron bars, and guess what you need ten ingots to make one Iron bar, but this time it is lowered to 90% chance, still high because it is a lower tier ore. So now the low stack you had of ingots is just now a few bars. Now being that you have even a lower chance of upgrading an item, you can see how this process may be aimed at someone a bit more casual who leaves the tab open to collect while doing other things, than someone who may just want to be in the fray of things constantly. Though as I said hardcore type players may still find enjoyment by skipping that process and just buying the bars for a large sum of cash from other players, but this tends to leave you rather broke.

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Now for the battle system, this is a bit different from standard games I have played. In a way it almost reminds me of some console games I have played. Their combat system goes on active time based combat. Meaning that you have a set time between turns on each side, you don't have a limit to choose but if you wait too long you can get hit multiple times deciding. Pretty much think of a more simplistic version of Chrono Trigger's active battle system. To help you with it, they do have an automatic battle system in which the AI chooses for you; to help you narrow on what you want it to choose you can choose a battle style as well. So say you pick the Support battle type, your character will heal more often and be more in tune to using his defensive skills. So unless you're extremely picky, the automated battle system is good enough for general battling to pking. For the actual arena system for battling all of that is automatic since it does go to players who are online to offline, so to make it sporting, you have no control of your character in the arena.

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